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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Ok don't ask me how I found this but I did and its funny! At least at 5:30am and in between sgi-1 se06 episodes it was a good break!

What is this Uber site all about I just found it! I guess I should spend less time on gay sites and more trolling the internet for things other than a man! And oh yah Bittorent files!

Ok for the ones out there who may be offended I posted such a link in Canada we don't use the term Midgets I think its something else like short people I don't know but I know its just like we don't us the word retarded here like the USA does its considered politically incorrect or out dated! I'll never forget one time I was in Seattle and saw a Van that had on the side "Van for the Retarded" I then knew I was for sure in the USA...Its funny how things are so different yet so the same!


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