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Friday, January 28, 2005

Cold freezing up here! Like I always say its times like this when its so dam cold I wish I hadn't moved to Toronto from Vancouver! C'mon its never cold there and it doesn't rain as much as most think! The grass stays green and some of the trees never loose there leaves! But serious though I love Toronto and it is the biggest city in Canada.I have many opportunities here that I wouldn't give up for Vancouver and friends that I value I was asked the other day do you think you will ever go back! I don't!

So as per usual I've Been busy doing some volunteer work!
Here are some of the things I'm up to! A few of many things I will be helping with the comeing year!

I had worked on the poster Flyer campain for a fund raiser called Come Together 2005 to help with the big disaster is South east Asia! Simone Denny who sings the song for Queer Eye was there! She is so Fun! Love her we talked a bit and reminisced about a party she helped with the year before called The Red Party! A fund raiser for Canfar! I should post the pic of myself and Jai from Queer Eye! Again, funny thing is I don't remember even meeting him I was way to drunk! Fun time one of few I've had when drinking the past few years!

It was not a bad party! To bad it was so cold! I got to see my fave singer and chat with her! Also there was some of Torontos top DJS including a friend of mine and someone I help out sometimes with parties she and her fab gal are involved with! DJTK I also chatted with another DJ who is taking over the gay clubs here in Toronoto! DJ deko-ze
I hope that this year he is at the Red Party 2005 I have suggested to the ones in the know that I think he should be asked to DJ we will see if he is! I'm sure the party will be a hit if he is asked to DJ, So far every event he is involved with and club is doing very well! I'm not one to pay much attension to the music! I do know when its bad I'm more into the space and who is there!

I'm also helping with other Canfar projects! Yesterday I spent a few hours helping put together this

"Have a Heart

What is Have a Heart?
CANFAR?s National Youth Awareness Program encouraging youth leadership skills while increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS and the need to fund research for a cure.
CANFAR?s National Youth Awareness Program encouraging youth leadership skills while increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS and the need to fund research for a cure.

How does it work?
For a minimum donation of $1, students at schools nationwide send Heart o? Grams to each other on Valentine?s Day. (A Heart o? Gram consists of a clear Have a Heart bag filled with a Valentine?s treat, a customized campaign iron-on, a colourful HIV/AIDS information pamphlet and a sticker with space to write a message to your friend.) CANFAR supplies campaign materials at no cost to participating schools. Students generate enthusiasm and awareness, with accompanying events, while raising funds specifically for HIV/AIDS research projects.
Who participates?
Have a Heart is a major Valentine?s event for hundreds of junior high schools, high schools, universities and colleges across Canada. An enthusiastic 770 schools participated during the last Have a Heart campaign. Have a Heart reached 675,000 youth with important HIV/AIDS information while raising $84,000 for research. Our goal for 2005 is to reach a million youth in over 1,000 schools to increase HIV/AIDS awareness in 2005.
Why become involved?
Half of new HIV infections are in people 24 and under. The average age of infection has dropped from 32 to 23 putting youth at serious risk. Each of you has choices around your sexuality, but it is important to be informed of the modes of transmission and ways to protect yourself from HIV infection"

It's a good thing and I am Happy to help! It was great to get a glimpse into the office culture something I think I could do on a more regular basis! Hmmm I'm thinking about a job again good sign! This is so true I know so many guys who are poz infact many are in there early 20's its sad and something that has to stop! It was hard to be there reminded every second about HIV but I need to do things like this and the people there are great! I plan on helping the next few days at there office..Oh boy a million lots of work to do the next few weeks I love it!

I'm very proud of the volunteer work I do! If fact it was a goal of mine when I came out to help other gay people and I am doing it and have been for a few years now! One thing in life that I planned on doing and have and am continuing to do I'm happy about this!

If all that was not enough I'm also helping again this years for another ACT fundraiser Called SNAP
I'm doing some poster and flyering! For the event! This year I also will help at the event the night of! Very excited about this one! All the top notch people in the community will be there! I love the fine things in life and culture! I'm a people watcher and observer of Society! Love it! Plus I'm into photography! Took a class in Hi school I think I'm going to try and get back into it! Hmmmm

Ok its 530 am I need to get some more sleep! I don't know what is wrong with me I can't seem to sleep more than 4 hours or so at a time! I used to be able to sleep for 10+ hours at a time! IS the age factor playing in here or is it the meds I don't know! I'm getting night sweats again I do know that is wakeing me up! Its one nasty side effect of being poz you wake up through out the night wet from sweat! I have to change my shirt several times a night sometimes up to 4 or more! Not good yet another reason to use a condom and not play around with your future! Please think twice take it from some one who knows its not worth it! I played and lost don't the reality is not fun! I would much rather not have to deal with this every day! I'm torn sometimes because there are certain things in life HIV has done for me certain people I would have never met that kind of thing would I trade it all for not having it! Good question!

I'm outz need some sleep so I can get back to Canfar and help!


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