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Monday, December 06, 2004

So something has happen to my blog Template, not sure but half of id has disappeared on me! Have I been a victim of a hacker! I don't know! I'm pissed of big time now I will have to rebuild it! More pissed of at me because what kind a geek am I not to have it stored on my hard drive! Hmm had the original one but not the one I've spent hours to add all the little extras that make X Party Boy what it is! So I will rebuild my template in all its Glory and improve on it so Please don't think any of my linky love is gone because its on its way back soon! I'm out a here to bed Got me self a doc appointment in the morning and after missing the last two I'm out a my meds and not going to risk pain med withdrawals any time soon! Serious though Its time for me to soon be back in the hospital to get that operation I've talked about on my pancreas! Hey by the way blogging has been a way for me to learn how to type! I can almost type I'm pissed I love it I never ever thought I could type as fast as I can now! I still have to look at the board but hey I can type fast I love it! So Back to The Doc hospital thing Got my self a CT scan on Jan 6 next year Wow next year 2005 who would have known I'd make it this far! So after my scan I will be in for some serious hospital time three plus weeks of recovery! And then its home and a long withdrawal from the pain meds I hope it goes ok! We are talking serious opiate morphine heroin type withdrawal here I've been on the meds for three years now every day 200mg + so I think my doc is going to put me on methadone or some crazy shit like that! I'm freaked out because I know I'm addicted to the shit! I have to be its been a long time and my body well my mind makes sure I have more pills and lets me know when it comes to the fact I may be running out of them before I get to the doc I have had to go to the hospital to get more or the clinic and its not a fun time trying to convince the docs there that I need them for the pain but nevermind I'm addicted to them as well! But its the pain or the drugs and thank you I'll take the drugs over the pain any day! Put it this way the last time I had a major pain attack from the cysts growing on my pancreas, by the way from years of DRUG and ALCOHOL abuse, I had to call an ambulance couldn't put my socks on couldn't even walk out the door it was hell! There has been times in the past year or so where I was taking 100mg four times a day! Does it make me hi no that is the thing! IT just stops the pain! I haven't felt any kind a hi from them since the first few months I started taking them! The only thing I get is itchy some times if I take more than I'm used to! Oh ya and then there is the constipation! I tell ya I'm surprised at the size of some of it! Ok enough of that!

So its been good I've been resting and staying out a the clubs! And away from the ones who would bring me down!, I'm lonely but happy some what! I feel its time to start rebuilding some of the friendships that I've been neglecting this past summer! I only hope that they are not tired of me coming and going out of there lives! Some one put it to me this way and I think was talking indirectly about me to me! Some thing I think women are good at you know the suttle hints, the thing is you should not expect friends to invest time and energy into a friendship if you just disappear for months or years come into there lives for a few weeks and then disappear again or should you? Is the sign of a good friendship one that would let ones friendship drift in and out! I mean I've allways been one of the believe that friends are for ever when you find a true friend that its something that will never leave you! Its a connection a bond a form of love that is very strong! Is it not!

Ok Of to bed...

plus here is a post below that I though I had lost but found it saved on my hard drive yah because I think its one of my best posts to date!

Night night all!

Anyways, he's a party boy but a reflective, introspective one. Well, a stream-of-conscience introspective one. It's odd, but worth a read. It's Gay Canadian X Party Boy. Check him out.

A Little sumthin that I found about me and my blog!

I had seen it before some time ago, I remember thinking back then that I was not sure how to take this comment! I was just happy to have known that some one was reading my blog! But after months of thinking/life, I'm curious how many others that read this blog/my life find me odd? Ok

Plus I am asking anyone who lives here in Toronto to email me! I'm doing a little research project about Gay Toronto! And need some input/interview to gather some initial info to find out if what I'm planning is feasible....

Feeling good! Life is never boring when I want it to be!

Fruit loops well the count is now up to 15 boxes
ouch I think I'm getting fat! Well no but!
I cut out my 2 liter of pop a day so I think that is why I'm into the Loops so much! Getting my sugar from them! I've always been a Hi sugar intake! The hyper hyper active type! When I was a kid, have chilled but still have the hi super hi metabolism! Good genetics as I like to call them! SO my body is very efficient at running it self! Build muscle fast, hot; fast, make a good heat source in the winter while in Bed! hint get hint email me! So oh ya my point Ummm Hmm Hmm Hmm oh ya!
E gad the mouth is getting raw the cereal is to much as I'm eagerly chomping down the oh so lovely fruity scented sugar loops I some times get carried away and chomp down with to much passion and well its like sand paper in the mouth each time you ware a bit of! You know like a few bags a chips when you where a teen on some BC Bud peace man! Ya dude, anyway little known fact about me in 10th grade in math class I was hi as a kite on pot got 100 on a test first time ever! I'm smart above average IQ but never 100% at a math test it just bores me , I'm into the social sciences big time! Distractions abound tonight! I'm freaking tired I tell you busy busy today with another fund raiser event! SO I would like to ask the silly folks who waste there time on my life's drama How boring am I anyway, serious! I am very curious! Odd me C'mon now Sexy hot but! big dicked mother Fucker would be bang on! Ask and you shall see! who know me in this way!

So so much to say, so little soap scum in the shower! Yah ouch 4 hours of the big S scum removed and me a bit sore and achey...Oh ok I'm al over the place tonight I love it though I think when I post like this its my true personality coming out! Unedited and raw!Mmm Num anyway oh ya! SO memory association! memory triggers thought pathways..You know red Fire rose blood coke a cola! One thought that triggers an other and so forth but not with any kind of predictability, well depending on a healthy brain and an educated one for sure! But I love it in University I was at the front of the class tell me more about the brain, I love the study of humanity, sociology..You name it, leading to a major point here! I'm looking into furthering my education! Why not I live beside a major University, I mean across the street, Oh by the way and Ryerson students read my life! Cause I can see into your dorm Windows and I want sum a ya all Lick shove ahh! Fresh and sweet just how I like I'm Full of energy and very eager..Like me still I'm freaked out I see other guys who seem to have lost there spark, I'm not can't I live for that!

I'm outz

Don't forget please please take time to think about the good things, I know we forget I do but I tell ya It helps! Fix it or get rid of it! Move on Get a life as they say! Oh lives lessons are what make it all worth whiled...

Odd as it may be Its my life in the raw and unedited version! And it stain dat way so suv it up you but and don't wine or I'll give it to you hard you beautiful cock suckers Mm num Cock sucking love that don't We?



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