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Friday, December 24, 2004

So Some may see that my blog has gone back to its old look! I have been a victim of a hacker on my blog! I've told blogger about it they just told me I looked at your blog its fine!

I'm like ok what ever than why is my template way different and there are all these links that if I published my blog would be on it and none of my posts or links! So I learned what they where up to and changed my password! Didn't learn my lesson and forgot to save my template after it had happen the first time! So I have my old one here for a bit till I find the energy to get the one I like back to its fine form! And trust me I will be saving my template + I'm going to go back and save all my posts in case something happens I'm just glad that who ever had my blog hi jacked didn't delete all my posts!

So I feel down on the ice the other day! Stupid me forgot my combat boots had no grip and I hurt my self bad! My entire right side is all sore and cramped up! I didn't bruise I just don't seem to have that happen to me! I tell ya its cold here and I hate it! White Christmas bah hum bug its cold and dirty and there is salt all over the place that is damaging my shoes and pants!

So I'm all by my self tonight as per usual! Since I stopped all the drinking I find my self scared to go out because I will drink and use again! Its a horrible thing I seem to isolate my self more and more often and get very lonely! I've been invited to go to a few friends but I think I will just stay home! I really don't like this time of year the pressure to be around your family, well what if you don't have one or really couldn't be bothered to see them because they are just not people you want around you! You know why if I would never want them as friends because there family do I have to accept them! I don't think so! Plus there on the other side of the country in British Columbia! I have made my self unreachable by not having a listed phone number for years!

Any way I some times want to go but I could never afford it it's to much to keep food in the cost to go out west would and is not something I could afford being in the health condition I am in I can't work because I can't hold down a job with the pain I'm in plus the fact I could get sick at any time! Plus I'm in and out of the hospital! I hope to have this pancreas fixed in January and start a job in the spring after I'm healed its going to take a few months and in bed for weeks! I'm scared as hell! I'm in hospital for a CT scan Jan 6 and from there they plan there surgery! I'm glad in a few ways I'll start the slow process of getting of the pain meds and hopefully I will not be in pain and then can start to live my life more the way I want to!

So I'm looking after my room mates cat and a older women's cat that I was hired to do by a little business my roommate started up cat sitting! Seen as I'm here and she is not I offered to help out the little old lady! It was funny I couldn't sleep last night so I went to her apartment at 4am thinking she had left for Montreal to visit her family! Well she was still there, the poor old lady almost had a heart attack I Tel you it was the funniest thing! She was happy in a way because she at least now knows that I will be there to feed her Cat!

SO I was invited to a guys place to celebrate the holiday or what ever so I think I will go the thing is he will have other guys there plus I used to sleep with him he dumped me for a younger guy and then a few years later he keeps asking me to come over and fuck his but! I can tell he wants my dick tonight when he asked I could see it in his eye! The thing is I'd rather not plus I want to go to the bath house I have the last few years its kinda sad but hey at least I will not be alone and at the same time get some good sex!

Have a great time with the holiday and have a great new year for sure that is the time I like to celebrate so have a frikin awesome new year and have a few drinks for me!


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