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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Oh 8am I tell you its hard to get up so early when you are used to for the last 10 years or so getting out a bed around noon! I tell you it makes for a long day! Im of today to the hospital; to see my doctor/surgeon! Talk about my pancreas and my CT scan coming up! I'm going to let him know I want the first spot available on his calendar to get this fixed! I'm about ready to admit myself to hospital if I don't get what I want from him! It seems that if you are in hospital you get things done asap! Rather than waiting months for a test! I've been waiting for the CT scan for months! Ah the virtues of a public health system! On the other hand I can see my doc anytime! Never have to worry about my health and have to never go with out drugs to keep me alive money in never the issue! I'll accept waiting for a few months besides if I really need the test that's what the er is for and I use it when I need to in real bad pain I head there not been to the ER in a long time except when I ran out my pain meds I was in no mood to see what it would be like to go through opiate withdrawals...I have seen trainspoting and other movies about heroin addicts and seen what withdraw symtems are like! I've been told I would go through the same thing! How lovely! So the price of no pain is drug addiction! I'll take it in this case the pain is to much to bare!


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