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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"no matter what I do, I just exude fabulousness. What can I do?!" from Cosmo Blog

I have to say one of the most fab posts I've seen in a while! A new blog for me check him out and all his fabulousness!

Again this is so true thank you to another new blog I have just found for showing me another site to get my fill on ego one ups!

You have no tears. You have a strong spirit that is
always seeked to lean on. You never cause the
world sorrow and keep striving for what you
want. Good for you! You are a good friend and
nobody ever sees the secret tears that fall
from your eyes. You may be sad, but do not show
it until someone can see into your soul. You
may possibly be a deep person and can never be
to trusting. It takes a while for people to
know you and your strong personality draws
people to lean on you for help.

What Color Are Your Tears?
brought to you by Quizilla

Found this site at Something Worse Than Death The guy seems to be going through some heart ache! We all know how that feels I wish him well!


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