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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I will have my old blog back in the style I like soon! I'm not to fond of this template its just to hard on the eyes and I love the one I had its just I need to figure out how there are holes in the code that someone seems to be able to get to it and change the template! Its strange I tell yah! Who ever was doing it but all these strange links to far of places in Asia, all young and not known to me! I was very mad I confronted the blogs that some how where now in my template and asked them if they where aware of what had been going on! No nothing don't know! Ok I'm like what ever I'm pissed! So I will try and get my old blog up in fine shape soon! Plus I'm excited I'm about to reach the 20 000 mark on hits wow! I know some blogs get a lot more but hey Its freaking far out as far as I'm concerned!


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