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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I have issues with...


ok now why would I have an issue with porn I love it I think I was just surprised to see the word!

Ok last of the test results but I love it do the Word Association Test its great try it a few times its so true that ANSWER DELAY OFTEN CORRESPONDS TO ISSUES WITH THAT WORD, this site is so cool, if anything I find this kind of study stuff what brings people closer together when we can see that we at most times feel the same way have the same problems and want the same things! We are more alike than we know! Its to bad the people around the world killing each other couldn't realize this! Stop it people we are over here look at us for guidance please!

The first dam time I did spell check and it said no errors I couldn't believe it! I spend more time correcting my spelling that I do creating my posts plus its always the same dam words I spell wrong it drives my mad!


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