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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Gay! Gay more gay give me some gay now!

C'mon I am just blown away by how gay everything is now! If I was a 19 year old hey why not 16 year old and lived today I would have had more than likely had many less problems than I have have now to be a young gay man now must be great! I'm 31 not that old but c'mon there is so much out there and the young guys are very educated in the ways of the world, anything they want is at there fingers! I grew up with computers from early grade school, and have seen the internet grow over the years, back when I was first on line it would take an hour to download a pic, I'm talking 14.4 modems or slower! I was first hooked to the online world on BB, the kind that a few guys ran in your home town! Bulletin Boards! Remember the games you played D&D text kinds now what was the name of the one I liked, Hmmm that was the good old days when you had satellite linked B&Bs when you posted a comment and waited for the host to link to a network and transfer your post and then wait for a reply! comes some times weeks later! So my point being I'm a geek a sexy geek, but imagine if I was out in my teens! I mean I was in my closed mind, It hurt so much back then and to wait till I was 23! I came out full on mind you, Hmm the mind goes places when you think about how things could have been! I still hold back! Why I live in the biggest gay country in the world! You can marry here! Same sex benefits are a given almost everywhere in Canada! I can watch 24 hour porn on Cable, there are gay people everywhere! Yet I'm alone...What am I doing! Do I dare start looking, take the risk! I'm looking any one interested? Want to know some things about me! Sexual! C'mon I know some of ya have Been dying to know! Ok I'm a top most often! Got a 7 more to the side of 8 inch very nice dick! I mean every guy loves it! I'm not vain I'm just passing on what I'm told! I know how to use my gift very well! Talented in the bedroom, or where ever I am! Like it anywhere, into everything! You name it! No limitations try everything several times! Ok get it! I'm very open to ideas! Love it Hard, long nasty! Wet! Very Wet some times!....Like bath houses walking around with no towel Jerking of all over the place! Into porn! Download porn all the time! C'mon I was the guy who got the guys from Buckleroos here to Toronto! Have Owen Hawks jock! Put it on all the time! Num num! Jerk of some times, like to wait to share a big load! Want more! Ok I'm starting to let it all out on here!

On an other note I want to go to Egypt so very bad one day! I would do anything to go there! I'm in love with the place to see the ruins from the past few thousand years! Climb up one of the pyramids, have sex on one would be a freaking dream! Ouch that is a thought, If I ever get to produce porn I should Hmmm keep my ideas to myself! Not letting others take credit or steal your ideas is a good thing!

I've done porn, ask me real nice and I'll direct you to the site you can see me on! Big surprise! for some maybe! Hmmm well after this post I'll let you all cool down! I've been holding back on here for some time because I know certain people are reading this Blog well not any more! If your reading this and you know me, I can tell some thing slips its funny really when you know some one reads your blog and they can't control that they know something and you know you didn't tell them the info! Its strange, my reality as I choose it! I am everything I want myself to be, life is what I make it! I'm learning things..I most often get what I want, make things happen! People follow me! Its time to take a more active role in my life! I'm starting it I can feel it! It's coming out of me in every way! A rebirth call it what you want! I'm back!


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