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Monday, December 27, 2004

Cats Cats driving me crazy!

Wake me up out of a great sleep meow freaking meow! How demanding can one cat be! Oh my god! And this poor old lady I'm cat sitting for If I had the energy I would clean here little apartment! Its so sad to see what people let there parents end up with! Her son she is visiting is a university professor! I can't believe he would let her live in such a place its so small the size of a dorm room! The poor women was telling me about her house that was in one of the finer areas in Toronto and her pool ect to live in a little box now I feel so bad for her! I think I may ask her if she would like help to clean her home when she gets back I'll do it for very cheap its just awful to see a women live is such filth the poor lady can not clean up she has arthritis I'm sure it is hard to sit around and see such filth and be to sick to clean up! I can only hope that the day comes when I'm not well enough to clean up after me that I have some one there! I know the day is coming when I loose my battle with HIV! My only hope is that a cure is found but until then I will accept my fate and live my life to the best of my abilities that has not been going to well the last few months! It's been very hard to live with the amount of money I have coming in! Its sad really, to the point I've been contemplating the idea of selling my but! I have friends that do it and there seems to be a lot of money involved the thing is I just don't think I could do it! I don't know it seems to be the thing not to do! Well I really wouldn't but when your suffering for cash it sure seems tempting! Plus the HIV thing would get in the way although I know of escorts who are positve and don't tell there customers! How would some one deal with that it all seems to complicated to me! I have a hard time as it is when I meet some one getting that out in the open the fear of rejection in very strong and upseting! In fact I avoid men most ofthen just to not to have to go through it all together!

Oh my on another note I've been on eBay a lot the last few weeks I can't believe what I have found! I have a thing for moto cross gear and well never have been able to afford it but I tell yah! On eBay its cheap I've got my self a pair of Joe Rocket Hustler leather pants for 45us with shipping it comes to 65us not bad seen as there 200 plus retail and there new never used so I'm happy they should be here in a week or so if all goes well at customs! I'm glad I'm not in the USA I here it takes months for things to come the other way through customs from Canada! The whole thing was a big learning curve papal, my bank account credit cards it goes on and on!

I hope to get one leather item a month or something that I can add to my so called as What Not To Ware puts it investment pieces!

The leather pants look hot and my size 30/32 so they should fit well! I tell yah there are a lot of fat or tall people out there you try and find a jacket or pair of leather pants out there in my size forget it! I was lucky to find this pair! I'm so excited I can't wait and the really cool thing is My darling room mate who I don't know what I would do with out! The only one who cared enough about me decided to pay for them for a Christmas gift! She means a lot to me I hope she knows that!

OK its cat time again! Cats driving me crazy the little beasts! I would love to just make a few noises get fed and then rubed all over the place and a nice scratch here and there awe the life of a cat how luxurious!


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