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Friday, November 05, 2004

What is wrong with me I can't get out of bed to get anything done!

I feel like crap, I look like hell! And I smell bad...My room is a mess, I'm a mess life just sucks in general right about now and I can't figure out why! I think I'm depressed, or could it be that on the last weekend of Oct I spent over 500 dollars on party party and now am broke ass poor for another long month! That would most likely be it! I'm fucked up and you know what was the root of it my dam sex drive that got me in trouble! This cute 20 year old boy wanted to get together we fucked like animals for a day and a half, but now the after affect, no cash, no life, no nothing!
I'm going to half to bust my ass this next month for what a night of sex! Oh my god when will I learn my lesson! Hey but that cum dripping out a his but in the stair well of my building was a site I'll never forget! Ouch I'm like bud there is cum dripping out a your but hole every where! He is like oh sorry! Hey don't be sorry I tell him, bent him over and gave him a big lick scooped up all that man juice and then turned him around and gave him a good hard long taste....ohhh what a night of fucking and it was good fucking! To bad it cost me a few weeks worth a funds!

Ok I have to get my ass in the shower and try and get on with my life! I have to work it big time! In order to make it by this month its going to be a cold long winter!


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