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Monday, November 15, 2004

It is time to clean my links out, there is several that are no longer active or not being updated anymore! Some of them I'm surprised to see not posting any more! It scares me the ones that just stop with out saying why! I start thinking something is horribly wrong! So if you are one of the guys/gals on my links of love than send me a note and let me know your ok!

Ok there is something strange in my eating habits as of late! I am on a cereal kick, and I mean sugar over load I've gone to the local store and brought home boxes of Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch and Sugar Pops....I just don't have one serving I'll eat the entire box in one night...Tonight I've had an entire box of Fruit Loops! What is going on here I think its a comfort thing or is it..I love my cereal but its getting to the point where I've had more Fruit Loops this past month than the past 10 years! Hmmm I'm out there some times! I think I need to find my self some thing to do with my time!

I'm tanning these day! Fake and Bake as some like to call it! I look good all dark! It does wonders for the complexion to! Ok I need to get some sleep and one more bowl of Fruit loops!

Night Night all


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