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Sunday, November 14, 2004

I am feeling totally alone tonight! I can't seem to feel happy no matter what I do!

I'm lost in this world right now! It seems that what ever I do I can't accomplish anything! I really don't know why I'm feeling like this!

I was doing so good there for a few months and then nothing! What do I have to do to get my life in order! I can't do anything the way I want! My friends seem to be far away from me! The ones I have still! I've put my self al alone again! A constant I find that is I'm never with out is being alone by myself! At least I can take comfort in the fact I'm good at that, being alone in this world!

I need a change I need to find something to make things worth it! I find I'm at an end and I don't know where I'm going anymore! In fact it seem that there is no where to go anymore! I'm at a total impass in my life now and there seems to be no way out of my sadness!

I will survive that I know but for what reason that I would like to know!


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