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Friday, November 05, 2004

Hey Ya You look at my site meter will Ya!

It is something that so many of ya all have come by to share my life!

I haven't been looking at it but Wow over 16 000 now if each person that stopped by sent me a 1$ Hmmm hey just kidding! I see some blogs that are just starting and look at mine! Wow the Archives go on and on, I should start ready back some of them, I'm sure I will see some kind of pattern in my life that may help me to get my fucked up self in order and happy! Who knows anyone have any suggestions I'm all ears!

Hey and thanks for stopping bye! Hmm 16000 dicks I could see it now if you all want to send me a pic of your self go ahead I'm feeling really sex ridden sluty like! Nasty piggy boy! Ouch what is happening to me! I may just send you back a pic of my self! Al hard and frisky like! C'mon its a celebration!


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