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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Great Gad it's snowing here in Toronto!

Blah! Is al I can say to that! And oh ya how many shoes and pant will be trashed this year from salt on the dam roads!

So I've cleaned up my links to the right on bloglinker! I'm a bit concerned as to how long one should wait to remove a blog if the author is no longer posting? Hmmm! Any suggestions on that on!

So I'm feeling good today! Thinking about putting my but to work, Hmm no I couldn't but the offers of 100's a dollars to have sex with some one is tempting when one has overstreched there budget! Winter I swore I once said when I lived in Vancouver I would never ever live in a city that way cold and look her I am! Glad to be be here, please don't misunderstand me its just cold and dry and wet....I have a friend well several friends who are now in Mexico for the winter, I was invited to go Hmm thinking I may just try it out! I don't know...One would need a full time sugga daddy opps I mean Job to do that!

Sp its a big weekend here in Toronto for The Leather community! Mr Leather Toronto! Ya ...well I'm not a leather guy persay, but sure do like the looks and sex well I could tell ya all some stories!

I'm outz


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