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Monday, October 11, 2004

Well I've been so busy and with a nasty cold that won't go away! I tell yah there is a lot involved to put together an event!I've Been working on the posters for the last week and trying to get sponsors to be a part of it gathering up all the logos is a task in it self trying to get everything in order before going to print! Crazy! So when I'm not busy with this project I'm sleeping trying to get over this cold! I don't seem to get better! So I'm resting as much as I can! I'm trying to make sure everything is perfect and at the same time getting stressed, So far every one involved is very happy with my work! I'm of to bed to try and shake this cold of! I will be here more often, its kind of been like I've gotten of the blogger buzz! I think if I try to get back here more often I will get in the grove of blogging again! Oh it's getting cold here in Toronto! It's this time of year when I miss Vancouver big time!

I'm outz to bed and rest!


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