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Monday, October 25, 2004

Well can you say success a Big fat success! With a big hug from the guy who I've been talking to at COLT for months we ended the night all happy and the bar busy as can be! I have a nice pair of Owen Hawks jock strap autographed and sitting on my Computer to show for the Night! I was fabulous there are so many people to Thank....

We raised over a 1000 for Torontos PWA Foundation from the silent auction and 50/50 and photo op! It was great I was beyond tired by the end of the night and then it was time to go to Bento the world largest Fetish party herein Toronto that I've been busy helping promote here in the village and at several other neighborhoods!

SO now I'm on the Hi that comes after a great event, its great COLT/buckshot Productions is happy with the day, Priape was busy and sold lots of videos and product so it worked out and the fans got to meet them in a more personal way! I'm so thrilled to be part of this and to bring a new and exciting thing to Torontos Gaybourhood, in fact at Woody's one of Torontos best gay bars they never play anything but soft porn, it was so funny looking at some of the faces at the bar who didn't know what was going on at first sort of shocked at what they where seeing, I can watch porn at most bars but not at Woody's ever! So Its just another aspect of the night that I made happen to bring in the new and exciting energy to the city! I have many ideas of other exciting events to bring to my city and who knows where else in the Future!

And to top it of we raised over a thousand dollars to help feed hungry people with HIV/Aids who can't leave there homes for due to illness..Its very similar to a service that seniors have....It felt amazing to hang out with the guys from Buckleroos I met up with two of them and there boss on this trip at there hotel the day before! To say hi and talk! I met Zak Spears and Dean Phoenix in there room and said hello it was funny they expected me to be some older guy that was nasty looking and where like your cute I'm taking you home with me! Ha I loved it! I had hoped to have more time with them to say hi but I was stressed to get everything done I needed and didn't have time to go for a meal or even a drink with them! But it was business after all and good business! I know for a fact we have bumped up there exposure here in Toronto and peeked interest in there line of videos from buckshot Productions!
The guys from the film where great Dean Phoenix and Owen Hawk are just as sexy and if not more in person and Zak is an amazing example of a big sexy guy with the most mesmeric deep seductive voice! Now I have to try on the Jock Strap from Owen Hawk OH my it looks a bit tattered I wonder what it feels like on Ok I'm going for sure! One more thing

The hosts of the show where great and amazingly funny! They guys felt at home from the looks of it and had a great time here!

Ok more about this day later I have to get some sleep and rest!

I'm Outz!

Oh ok I can't resist one more thing about the Owen Hawk Jock Strap that I have its smells sexy to! Nummy!


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