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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

So its 2:24 in the morning and I'm still up so I figure I'll post on my blog!

I'm going crazy trying to do to many things and not having enough time!

With my party/event on the go and details constantly needing to be planed and worked out and then completed its daunting at times with the anticipation of it all and the unknown the stress that it will be a successful event is the most difficult to deal with! I hope that we get a big turn out I have allot riding on the success of this event! I'm sure it will be but you never know and I tend to be the one who obsesses on the you never know part!

Please don't get me wrong I'm very very happy to be linked with such a big company as Colt and to have them come up here and for me to be a part of it is great! I know we will be successful I am most often successful at what ever I do...

I'm starting to get everything in order for the silent auction part of the night at Woody's, with the help of my darling friend at Thunderstar Presents of course! I was honored when he agreed to help me get this event going, help out with all aspects of it, we are co producing the event! I had started to get a bit nervous when the time came to get this project of the ground, I've been working on this for months for the first few it was all over the internet via email! When it came time to go to the next step I found myself needing to have some help so being that I had worked with Thunderstar Presents before and became good friends with the guy behind the company I asked him to help me and to guide me with things I wasn't sure about, its been a great duo him and I, I'm very proud of the work we have done so far....

the first item for the silent auction is now confirmed and in my possession,

Thanks to a dear friend of mine I was able to get a fabulous work of art from Steve Walker a very famous local artist from Toronto

He has very kindly donated a Large Poster Print and a calendar

The print is called Revelations, 1996

and the calendar human / nature
a 2005 Calendar

Both have been signed by Steve Walker

I am very happy to know such kind and amazing people to help out with this event its not just me that makes this happen its a very large group of amazing beautiful people who are willing to give and help with no questions asked and I love it!

I have to thank the printers for helping to get the posters done in no time and kindly donating there time to do some editing on the posters and to give me twice the amount for the same cost, Thank you very much.....If your in Toronto and need some posters they will help in any way you need from design to printing there very talented there give them a call! When I was doing the Lesbian party street promotions they where the boss behind that Job! By the way Girl 5ive is now going to be once a month for any local girls who may be reading this!

So I have finally got down and put a half decent post on the old blog I tell ya all its been very hard to commit time to this blog as I'm very tired after a long day of work, with the immune system and old pancreas issues I forget sometimes that I have a limit that is sometimes not as high as I would like! The most important thing is that I maintain my health and stay away from the temptations in life, I've been doing a good job of it and I'm feeling good and improving every day! More to come on that later....

I'm outz busy day ahead of me, and it feels great!


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