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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Oh my after one of the busiest weeks I've had in my life I just slept for a entire two days! I need it though with the old body the way it is the only thing I could manage to do was get out a bed a take my pills and ten back to sleep! Oh boy....So of to the shower to and I really need it it freshen up! I tell you a boy that is in bed for a few days after a busy weekend with out a shower is very nasty! I can't believe I'm sharing my poor washroom habits of late really I'm a very clean boy in fact I shower an average of more than twice as long as almost every guy I've lived with or been around that happen t be in the shower!

Ok now where have I been that I've not seen or known anything about the new Stargate Atlantis! I love it love and can't stop thinking about it! I was a fan of the first show from the first min I watched now its all new and very very exciting! I've been busy busy on the Win MX downloading it to my Computer! I love it sleep for three days wake up and have bunch of shows fresh on your hard drive to watch! My have things changed the days when you had to wait weeks and weeks to watch a show are over!

Ok smelly ass in the shower and time to get on with my life what resemblance of it I can manage to pull together after neglecting all my responsibilities that is don't think that this boy can just sleep for two days and have no consequences I've been a very busy boy and there are people who are depending on me I only wish I could just say no half the time, but who wants to just sit around there apartment all day feeling sorry for them selves Hmm... Not me I've got a life to live one way or an other and if I have to deal with it with a few road blocks I will do it, its not like I've ever had an easy life, I've been on my own since I was 15 so nothing can stop me!

Phew of to the shower but not till I see the rest of Stargate Atlantis 01x03

One other thing look for my blog to be full of enthralled and mesmeriszeing posts from no on seen as I've got the bug back so to speak!


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