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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Can you say birthday

Oh my I never thought I would make it this far at certain points in my life I saw no future!

I'm happy and see a future more and more! I'm busy and feeling good, as good as I can for now till I get this pancreas issue out of the way...

Things are looking good!

Look here for info about my first party at Woody's here in Toronto in October, I'm co producing with a friend of mine....Its big its new and not been done before here in Toronto.....Its all about a new energy taking over and filing a void that is being left open.....Good thoughts all around!


ouch I'm 31 can't see it but its true.....

a sneak preview of the party! Porn models....Yah first p[arty is for a big international porn company...Good start I'm thinking!
And to top it of we are going to raise money for hiv/aids I'm happy to do that and make what ever I'm involved with a fund raiser as well!
Its all about giving back and sharing!

Look here for more info

I'm outz to start the B-Day celebrations


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