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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Oh where to start!

The birthday was great, I've been so busy enjoying a what seems to be a late summer!

I'm happy and feeling good!

Look back soon for a detailed post! My new home is going perfect, its so important to be happy with where you live, I find some times that most forget that!
Its very pleasant to be reminded that the simple things in life are all one needs!

I hope every one is well!

Its been so warm and sunny here in Toronto! I love it....Its going to get cold soon, I'm not thinking about that, until the time comes and its on the way soon! Who knows a trip to Mexico may be in order I've been invited by several new friends I'm made over the summer! Mexico I can do that!

I'm outz!


Saturday, September 18, 2004

Can you say birthday

Oh my I never thought I would make it this far at certain points in my life I saw no future!

I'm happy and see a future more and more! I'm busy and feeling good, as good as I can for now till I get this pancreas issue out of the way...

Things are looking good!

Look here for info about my first party at Woody's here in Toronto in October, I'm co producing with a friend of mine....Its big its new and not been done before here in Toronto.....Its all about a new energy taking over and filing a void that is being left open.....Good thoughts all around!


ouch I'm 31 can't see it but its true.....

a sneak preview of the party! Porn models....Yah first p[arty is for a big international porn company...Good start I'm thinking!
And to top it of we are going to raise money for hiv/aids I'm happy to do that and make what ever I'm involved with a fund raiser as well!
Its all about giving back and sharing!

Look here for more info

I'm outz to start the B-Day celebrations


Saturday, September 11, 2004

I would like to send with all my heart and warmest thought a big hug and kiss to all the people around the world who have been in any way affected by 911! I wish the word peace and love!

I've been neglecting my blog as of late! IT seems that we have been getting a bit of a summer here in Toronto after a long few months of rain its great I've been very busy trying to get organized after moving! I just love my new apartment its perfect my new room mate is super! Its like coming home to my long lost home! I've found a sense of peace of mind and an overwhelming sense of comfort! I couldn't have asked for a better roommate and friend! The fact I feel like I have a home again is worth everything! I can't tell you how un happy I was at my last place it was never comfortable, I've been given an awesome opportunity to get on with my life and will do what ever it takes to make this work!.... I can't believe how important it is to feel good about where you live, I'm very lucky and I know it!

I hope all is well with everyone who stops by to share with me! Its my birthday soon!
september 18 I'll be 31 Yah I was never sure I would make it this far there have been so many times in my life that I couldn't see a future, dealing with HIV/Aids made it very hard to see a future! I'm happy that I can say I do see a future for me and its looking good! Its not easy the most important thing is to remember this and not let my self be distracted, I know this and won't forget those who have helped me and those who have not!

Let me know if any one out there want to send me anything for my Birthday! Oh my dare I ask..You never know! I will send the info needed

I'm outz


Saturday, September 04, 2004

I've moved and my new apartment is great all is well I'll have more to post soon....
Take care and be well

I'm outz

Buzy buzy buzy


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