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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Wow I think I may have fallen for a boy, Its been years and Im nervous as all can be!
We met last week, I was very busy so we spent what time we could together! He was of on a plane for the weekend to see family, I got a call from him last night, He asked me if I missed him and if I remembered his name! How cute is that, He is back tonight! Funny I really did miss him even though we really don't know much about each other! That's the thing How much do I let him know about me! I can tell he is a little bit apprehensive, Seen as I'm involved in the Club scene a lot something he is not! Its work but can seem over the top or to much for some one who is not in the club scene! What to do!......
I did miss him, I'm thinking I will cook for him tonight! HE did say that was one of the ways to his heart! Hmmm I do have a way with food...Should I go to the next step! After all I was finding my self sleeping the last few nights with my pillow he used the last few nights his smell on it to remind me of him! Oh is it lust or is it the beginnings of something! I'm going overdrive with emotions that have been on hold for some time! It has been years since I've been in a relationship I mean years that is one that was mutual we both cared for each other! My first and only love was when I was 23 so, that's 7 years wow life is to short for that long to love someone I'm thinking!....

I'm going to go shopping to cook tonight!.....
Hmmmmm What to cook I don't want to go to far or do I?

I'm happy and scared at the same time funny how life presents its self to you isn't it?


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