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Monday, August 30, 2004

Well its time to get my life of to a new place!

Its moving day today and tomorrow!

I'm most excited about the fact that I'm going to be able to shower with out being burnt or frozen...Yah a shower that is not interrupted is something I have not had for almost a year, well except for when at one the baths but that doesn't count!

So Its time to move and I haven't packed a thing! TO busy doing my work, trying to figure out a new boy and also plan my first party here in Toronto...Its confirmed for Oct 23 at Woody's a fund raiser for PWA Food for life, The party is a Video release for Colt Studio! Yes and there will be models there..All kinds of fab stuff going on all day with porn stars every where! Hey now is that a party or what...For my first one I think I'm going to do very well! The dates are lined up the model are booked Colt is happy, I'm happy, PWA is happy to be involved....I've been working on this for a few months but didn't mention on here till it was confirmed....
So any boys in the area look for Oct 23 to be a day you have on your schedule!
More info to come and links to everything planned including the Poster and Flyers as soon as they are done...
I can believe after all these years I will have a poster for my own party! I've put up tens of thousands of posters here in Toronto and this one will be mine! Hey its going it happen!

So I have to get my ass of this computer and out the door to get some boxes moving stuff, Thank goodness I'm only going two blocks up the street, Some times I love ghetto living!

More to come in the future about the party, I may not be on here much the next few days so wish me luck and have a great week!


I'm outz


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