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Thursday, August 19, 2004

This is a reply to the comment on my Sunday, August 15, 2004 post!

Yes I agree and I have kissed some hot sexy frogs over the years In fact I am so able to get boys it is sickening! Really its not but I some times wonder if I'm really goodlooking or just that guy you settle for you know the one that is there not bad looking so why not its just sex after all right? C'mon don't tell me you haven't done this before! I do it all the time at the Bar/Bath house when it is I go! I see a guy the one I would most likely over look,say hi, see what happens..I did it the other day at the Steam Works(local New Fab Bath)here in Toronto...We started going at it, I'm learning how to go about this by the way the last few times I've gone to the baths I've been a sex crazed maniac! Anyway 96% of the times I have
gone in the past I would stay in my room sketchy doing nothing and getting upset going home Blah Blah....So I'm in the baths this guy is on his back, He starts saying things to me while I'm up his but...Like oh ya fuck my ass ect ect....Now I don't mind this but there was something about the way he sounded that got to me, He had an accent that I grew up with my entire life, east Indian...I couldn't go on, I pulled my dick out and in one solid move was out he door in a second! Now I told you I didn't think it would work...He was not my type...I gave him a chance..I think that is good so many guys are not like that...I've found that when it comes to sex and guys its like food if you are scared to try out new kinds you will never open your self up to new experiences! Right I'm thinking so...So back to this guy I was dating! My so called boy friend! Yah ok....I've learned my lesson again the next one who is so fast to call me a boyfriend bring things past dating fucking what ever you call it! I'm going to throw up a caution and stop..Open my eyes wide look around and tell the guy to hold on wait lets just stop and see what we are doing here! No more screwed up gay boys who are more lonely than I am that are into the idea of a relationship so much that I think they would date anyone regardless of who he may be and what he has to offer! Sound familiar it does to me big big shockingly so..Wow that was a realization!!!!Now after that one Its tea time...BRB

This one was a frog a nasty frog a little tiny frog like man! Hmmm No he was cute! Funny thing he has my underwear a hat and some sun glasses I got him he wants to return to me! Calls me a few days later My bag was stolen I have to give you cash! Hmmm Ok I say He is like I hope your not to upset..I'm thinking should I be, Hello I'm still freaking pissed at you for calling me you Bo leading me on telling me you loved me and then dropping me like a fly you splated on the wall EhhhUmmm I don't think so I'm over you now give me the cash Loser how can you let my things get stolen Ok what ever I'm thinking! Good Buy! I don't know is that to harsh could be really I'm a nice guy...Big heart...I've overlooked so many guys over the last few years held back by one thing or an other! Letting the ones in who are brave enough to talk to me! Its time I think I start to be more forward and go after what I want..It seems the times I have I can do it so lets see what happens...

Of the the Doctor and some volunteer work for ACT Aids committee of Toronto...Its the Fashion Cares Garage sale! Every thing left from the big day is up for grabs at low low deals..This weekend...So if your in Toronto get your buts to ACT and buy some stuff to support your community....Its on Saturday August 21 10am to 3pm 2nd Floor Act building!

blood report due in today at the doc I'm really hoping for a non detectable viral load! I've been on the meds now for Hmmm 5 months or more..I feel ok I just hope that the fact I'm missing my meds here and there is not going to be a problem! I'm a bit scared....More on that later....

I'm outz
Have a great day all and take care of your selves you deserve it trust me!


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