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Friday, August 27, 2004

So its confirmed I seem to attract guys who are fresh out of the closet or who have issues with there sexuality! Just came out was a married to a women guy! Hmmm you will find your way to me! Hey remember the guy I was so called in a relationship well he was married, I now call him my what ever!

Its late last night a new guy I've been chatting with a cute 25 year old boy? Couldn't get to our date so Who walks in this cute young 23 years old...He looks at me what's up...Normally I get very annoyed at the what's up greeting but not this time....Nummm he looked like a boy fresh out of Hi school or some thing....One thing led to another and we are dancing up a storm at Crews/Tango...Lesbianish bar here on Church! So this boy is very straight he says, We get to know each other a little...He tells me he is not straight he is a Fag I'm a fag man but only when I want to be...Ok This ones trouble But he is so dam cute! Looks like a boy out of the teen pop bands...Base ball hat tilted to the side big baggy jeans boxer shorts showing, you all know the look! So we are dancing he has told me over and over he is straight, He kisses me ouch! You know the type I here him go , to the guys around us you wish you could have me, he gets of on being young and cute!...He kisses me again! The thing that I liked about this boy was he offered to buy me a drink! That was cool I figured if a young guy can buy a drink for me that he is not a hustler like so many are! I don't know! So we end up at his apt. Ouch cute boy, we talk we talk we talk..Some more, I finally get down and make the first move! Oh he was a bit nasty but IT was ok..Well you all know what a dick can be like after a night of drinking! Need I say more! So after a few min I could tell he was not into it, that straight thing came up again! HE asked me to go, then stay poor guy, I know what he is going through it took me years to come out! He is the same age I was when I came out! Young and very cute like I was, well so I am told, any way being young and looking way younger than you are like he does and I did, can make it hard to come out! When you are treated like a sex object, not being able to go out and meet anyone who wants to be your friend, its hard to meet guys at that age and with the looks because most men are out for sex only, I went through it time after time meeting guys who I thought where friends and to find out that they only wanted me for sex...I got that feeling from this boy last night!, I hope I didn't push him to much! He asked me to when we decided to hang out! He says are you cool, your not going to hurt me are you! I kinda figured what he was saying but with out some drinks in me I for sure now know what he was saying..I just want to hang out talk ect! No strings no expectations! That's cool, just hanging out with him last night made me feel sexy, this young man was into me, he told me many times your hot you could have any guy you want, after my heart I love a compliment! So its late I leave him, I got his number! Cute boy We will see...And after being stood up at Woody's it was not a bad night!....


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