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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hey all!

I'm still around Just been very pre occupied with my work and Boys well one boy inparticular!

I'm afraid this boy is not the one for me, Its the two tops dilemma! I mean I'm all up for being versatile, Its not like a dick up your ass is all there is to man sex right? Tell this guy he seems to think if its not up my but every night we are together than its not good sex! Hmmm Seen as my dick is two times bigger than his he seems to have a more than usual issue with taking my up his but Hmmm....How about taking turns, So far I'm at two for me and well lots more for him! This is to funny its the first time I've been put in the more passive bottom role! I'm not sure how I feel about this! I've got some thinking to do!

Not to much in the mood to blog as of late I'm going up and down with my moods the last few weeks! Now I remember why I have been single for so many years!

I'm outz!

Oh ya it looks like I'm on my way to my first party that I will be producing here in Toronto! The dates are booked! I'm very excited look for more info in the local papers late September!


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