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Monday, August 30, 2004

Well its time to get my life of to a new place!

Its moving day today and tomorrow!

I'm most excited about the fact that I'm going to be able to shower with out being burnt or frozen...Yah a shower that is not interrupted is something I have not had for almost a year, well except for when at one the baths but that doesn't count!

So Its time to move and I haven't packed a thing! TO busy doing my work, trying to figure out a new boy and also plan my first party here in Toronto...Its confirmed for Oct 23 at Woody's a fund raiser for PWA Food for life, The party is a Video release for Colt Studio! Yes and there will be models there..All kinds of fab stuff going on all day with porn stars every where! Hey now is that a party or what...For my first one I think I'm going to do very well! The dates are lined up the model are booked Colt is happy, I'm happy, PWA is happy to be involved....I've been working on this for a few months but didn't mention on here till it was confirmed....
So any boys in the area look for Oct 23 to be a day you have on your schedule!
More info to come and links to everything planned including the Poster and Flyers as soon as they are done...
I can believe after all these years I will have a poster for my own party! I've put up tens of thousands of posters here in Toronto and this one will be mine! Hey its going it happen!

So I have to get my ass of this computer and out the door to get some boxes moving stuff, Thank goodness I'm only going two blocks up the street, Some times I love ghetto living!

More to come in the future about the party, I may not be on here much the next few days so wish me luck and have a great week!


I'm outz


Friday, August 27, 2004

So its confirmed I seem to attract guys who are fresh out of the closet or who have issues with there sexuality! Just came out was a married to a women guy! Hmmm you will find your way to me! Hey remember the guy I was so called in a relationship well he was married, I now call him my what ever!

Its late last night a new guy I've been chatting with a cute 25 year old boy? Couldn't get to our date so Who walks in this cute young 23 years old...He looks at me what's up...Normally I get very annoyed at the what's up greeting but not this time....Nummm he looked like a boy fresh out of Hi school or some thing....One thing led to another and we are dancing up a storm at Crews/Tango...Lesbianish bar here on Church! So this boy is very straight he says, We get to know each other a little...He tells me he is not straight he is a Fag I'm a fag man but only when I want to be...Ok This ones trouble But he is so dam cute! Looks like a boy out of the teen pop bands...Base ball hat tilted to the side big baggy jeans boxer shorts showing, you all know the look! So we are dancing he has told me over and over he is straight, He kisses me ouch! You know the type I here him go , to the guys around us you wish you could have me, he gets of on being young and cute!...He kisses me again! The thing that I liked about this boy was he offered to buy me a drink! That was cool I figured if a young guy can buy a drink for me that he is not a hustler like so many are! I don't know! So we end up at his apt. Ouch cute boy, we talk we talk we talk..Some more, I finally get down and make the first move! Oh he was a bit nasty but IT was ok..Well you all know what a dick can be like after a night of drinking! Need I say more! So after a few min I could tell he was not into it, that straight thing came up again! HE asked me to go, then stay poor guy, I know what he is going through it took me years to come out! He is the same age I was when I came out! Young and very cute like I was, well so I am told, any way being young and looking way younger than you are like he does and I did, can make it hard to come out! When you are treated like a sex object, not being able to go out and meet anyone who wants to be your friend, its hard to meet guys at that age and with the looks because most men are out for sex only, I went through it time after time meeting guys who I thought where friends and to find out that they only wanted me for sex...I got that feeling from this boy last night!, I hope I didn't push him to much! He asked me to when we decided to hang out! He says are you cool, your not going to hurt me are you! I kinda figured what he was saying but with out some drinks in me I for sure now know what he was saying..I just want to hang out talk ect! No strings no expectations! That's cool, just hanging out with him last night made me feel sexy, this young man was into me, he told me many times your hot you could have any guy you want, after my heart I love a compliment! So its late I leave him, I got his number! Cute boy We will see...And after being stood up at Woody's it was not a bad night!....


Thursday, August 19, 2004

This is a reply to the comment on my Sunday, August 15, 2004 post!

Yes I agree and I have kissed some hot sexy frogs over the years In fact I am so able to get boys it is sickening! Really its not but I some times wonder if I'm really goodlooking or just that guy you settle for you know the one that is there not bad looking so why not its just sex after all right? C'mon don't tell me you haven't done this before! I do it all the time at the Bar/Bath house when it is I go! I see a guy the one I would most likely over look,say hi, see what happens..I did it the other day at the Steam Works(local New Fab Bath)here in Toronto...We started going at it, I'm learning how to go about this by the way the last few times I've gone to the baths I've been a sex crazed maniac! Anyway 96% of the times I have
gone in the past I would stay in my room sketchy doing nothing and getting upset going home Blah Blah....So I'm in the baths this guy is on his back, He starts saying things to me while I'm up his but...Like oh ya fuck my ass ect ect....Now I don't mind this but there was something about the way he sounded that got to me, He had an accent that I grew up with my entire life, east Indian...I couldn't go on, I pulled my dick out and in one solid move was out he door in a second! Now I told you I didn't think it would work...He was not my type...I gave him a chance..I think that is good so many guys are not like that...I've found that when it comes to sex and guys its like food if you are scared to try out new kinds you will never open your self up to new experiences! Right I'm thinking so...So back to this guy I was dating! My so called boy friend! Yah ok....I've learned my lesson again the next one who is so fast to call me a boyfriend bring things past dating fucking what ever you call it! I'm going to throw up a caution and stop..Open my eyes wide look around and tell the guy to hold on wait lets just stop and see what we are doing here! No more screwed up gay boys who are more lonely than I am that are into the idea of a relationship so much that I think they would date anyone regardless of who he may be and what he has to offer! Sound familiar it does to me big big shockingly so..Wow that was a realization!!!!Now after that one Its tea time...BRB

This one was a frog a nasty frog a little tiny frog like man! Hmmm No he was cute! Funny thing he has my underwear a hat and some sun glasses I got him he wants to return to me! Calls me a few days later My bag was stolen I have to give you cash! Hmmm Ok I say He is like I hope your not to upset..I'm thinking should I be, Hello I'm still freaking pissed at you for calling me you Bo leading me on telling me you loved me and then dropping me like a fly you splated on the wall EhhhUmmm I don't think so I'm over you now give me the cash Loser how can you let my things get stolen Ok what ever I'm thinking! Good Buy! I don't know is that to harsh could be really I'm a nice guy...Big heart...I've overlooked so many guys over the last few years held back by one thing or an other! Letting the ones in who are brave enough to talk to me! Its time I think I start to be more forward and go after what I want..It seems the times I have I can do it so lets see what happens...

Of the the Doctor and some volunteer work for ACT Aids committee of Toronto...Its the Fashion Cares Garage sale! Every thing left from the big day is up for grabs at low low deals..This weekend...So if your in Toronto get your buts to ACT and buy some stuff to support your community....Its on Saturday August 21 10am to 3pm 2nd Floor Act building!

blood report due in today at the doc I'm really hoping for a non detectable viral load! I've been on the meds now for Hmmm 5 months or more..I feel ok I just hope that the fact I'm missing my meds here and there is not going to be a problem! I'm a bit scared....More on that later....

I'm outz
Have a great day all and take care of your selves you deserve it trust me!


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Well what the hec is goin on around here! Hmmm

Well if you where just thinking that I'll gladly answer for ya all!

I found this little new template and somthin grabbed me and said That is my new home new digs for the old Blog!

Hey Hey cookie we got some new fancy shiny looks going ooooonnnnn! Ya?

Oh boy What do you all think?

Comments please?

Oh ya oh ya please be inclined to put your perma mark on my little map of our old big fab world...look to the right down a little see the guest map yahhh You found it now get you hot buts in there and grab a spot please! I love to see who and where all my lovely blog family are reading From

Ya A big hug to you all! And I know I know you may have been a bad boy up all night your ass is killing you every muscle in your hot body is aching something fierce!! Oppps that was me what am I doing I think I'm going mad!

But seriously you all do deserve a Hug Thanks for the support keep in contact if you have in the past please do so again say Hi! I will only blow I mean bite you if you want Hee

Ok I'm outz!

aint no one gona hold me down oh no got to keep on movin I love that song Tell me who its by if you can thanks!


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Well I opened my life up and was slapped in the face! I guess I'm to be single for ever! Not that I was looking for a relationship, I was played big time! I some times wonder how men do what they do, How some can so easily play with others emotions! I'm luck I guess to have found out that this guy was not for me! An example! He says I have to stay in to rest busy work schedule! Ok that's fine! I see him at a bar with another guy! Not ok! He ignores me I'm confused very upset! He was the one saying I love you Your my boyfriend and so on! Well no calls I called a few times said my peace, no respect I don't know! Like I said I guess I'm lucky I found out what he was really like before I fell to much for him! I'm pissed that I let my self be so distracted by him! I'm also surprised at how lonely I really truly am! Its just a big huge reminder! Really it was I don't think I really wanted to be reminded of that fact really I didn't..Now I find my self pondering whether I will ever meet a man who truly wants to be with me for who I am! I think I'm a good guy with a big heart and lots to offer, I would give anything to meet the man for me! Is he out there I'm not sure as of late, Funny I was not even in the mind set until this bad boy came into my life! Its just fucked to because he was really not my type persay and I gave him a chance stupid stupid me,I refuse to become bitter! I do...Although that is becoming increasingly more difficult to do the more time goes by that I'm alone!

A tear in my eye, A pillow to hold...Why do I hurt like this I'm freaking angry at the world! I only want to be loved is that to much to ask for! At the same time I think its just to easy to be by my self!


Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hey all!

I'm still around Just been very pre occupied with my work and Boys well one boy inparticular!

I'm afraid this boy is not the one for me, Its the two tops dilemma! I mean I'm all up for being versatile, Its not like a dick up your ass is all there is to man sex right? Tell this guy he seems to think if its not up my but every night we are together than its not good sex! Hmmm Seen as my dick is two times bigger than his he seems to have a more than usual issue with taking my up his but Hmmm....How about taking turns, So far I'm at two for me and well lots more for him! This is to funny its the first time I've been put in the more passive bottom role! I'm not sure how I feel about this! I've got some thinking to do!

Not to much in the mood to blog as of late I'm going up and down with my moods the last few weeks! Now I remember why I have been single for so many years!

I'm outz!

Oh ya it looks like I'm on my way to my first party that I will be producing here in Toronto! The dates are booked! I'm very excited look for more info in the local papers late September!


Thursday, August 05, 2004

Pull up a seat, grab a glass of your favorite soda pop and say cheers!

Soon I will have had 10 000 beautiful sexy crazy cool ladies and gentleman of all kinds and from all over the world near and far come by and share my life with me!

Wow 10 000 that's crazy when I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing and to now think I've reached so many! There is so much more to share and I'm happy to do so!

Thank you all for the time and for all the good you have given to my life...


The 10 000 person I hope to get an email from you or a comment!

I'm outz

its nap time the new boy is keeping me up late, I love it!


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

On a more up beat note!

Have you had a peach this year yet! I bet its been years since your felt the fuzzy loveliness of a big fat peach...I tell you they are the best go out and get one today, I keep buying them at our local grocery that is way to much a dollar + each but nummy num I love em....So go out and get some fruit in you!

Due to the fact two blogers that I started reading before I started mine have decided to stop because there blog caused problems I'm a bit taken back thinking about when this happen to me at the B&B job last year and then me starting my blog again! I'm thinking about the impact it may have on my future and the fact that some friends do read this blog, by chance or because I told them about it!

I'm going to do some thinking hard thinking about the future of this blog!



Sissy gone now

have stirred some thoughts in me that blogging may not be the way to go in my future!


I don't know! How much is to much and if I do have a love life what about that I couldn't put that info in here the though of hurting that someone is to much!

I'll get back on this

Your thoughts would be nice!

Wow I think I may have fallen for a boy, Its been years and Im nervous as all can be!
We met last week, I was very busy so we spent what time we could together! He was of on a plane for the weekend to see family, I got a call from him last night, He asked me if I missed him and if I remembered his name! How cute is that, He is back tonight! Funny I really did miss him even though we really don't know much about each other! That's the thing How much do I let him know about me! I can tell he is a little bit apprehensive, Seen as I'm involved in the Club scene a lot something he is not! Its work but can seem over the top or to much for some one who is not in the club scene! What to do!......
I did miss him, I'm thinking I will cook for him tonight! HE did say that was one of the ways to his heart! Hmmm I do have a way with food...Should I go to the next step! After all I was finding my self sleeping the last few nights with my pillow he used the last few nights his smell on it to remind me of him! Oh is it lust or is it the beginnings of something! I'm going overdrive with emotions that have been on hold for some time! It has been years since I've been in a relationship I mean years that is one that was mutual we both cared for each other! My first and only love was when I was 23 so, that's 7 years wow life is to short for that long to love someone I'm thinking!....

I'm going to go shopping to cook tonight!.....
Hmmmmm What to cook I don't want to go to far or do I?

I'm happy and scared at the same time funny how life presents its self to you isn't it?


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