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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Tonight will be my first Fetish Party! Wow?

You say Fetish Yes I said Fetish!

All things just keep getting better Simone Denny....I'm on deck with her now love her muzac! She is the best pics of me and her to come soon from the Red Party just waiting on them!!!!!
Remember the Red Party! Fun Fun I was helping a girl party last night....Some Friends I made from the Red Party are putting on a Girl Party at a club here in the MegaCity called 5ive Every Friday this month....I love the Girls, like I said just started to get to know them Lesbians! In fact I have One friend from England I met just before pride who I went out with last night and her girl hetero gal pal from over the pond, Introduced them to who they needed to know, Perfect they are going places here for the summer I'm happy to help them get some work so they can have an even more Fab time here!

Return to Eden....The first Eden was the best party of the Year up to the time May 24(criticts have said)I was at the Red Party for sure, you know business I'm in to all things no politics for me, I'm trying a new thing its called good energy and being friends with all, Yah get on the wave! Its the new way we are doing things well at least the up and comeing people behind the scene, I've learned from the Best!...I'm helping with that Party I'm very thrilled! The guys behind it are if not or actually are the biggest party producers in Toronto!

SHIT Just about flooded the apartment OH my god I hate baths the shower is broke how long till it gets fixed Hmmm I'm not on the lease go figure Its all about respect!!!!

OK I'm outz More to come it's all good feeling good! I've been pushing it in the Party department I should say! Been bad bad ....
I'm on focus of to work

Hey did I Say I'm of to the fetish party at 5ive tonight, Hmmm a whip maybe some rope...I'm way to excited about this! Hey forget way thrilled!

Don't forget Folsom Fair North is soon I'm going to be going crazy ass postering on this city so look for them they are going to be every where!


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