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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Things that I find strange!

How when it's 38c and you work 1 hour it seems like 4 Man was it hot in Toronto the smog was disgusting, No thanks in part to are lovely neighbor's to the South which I believe something like 60% or more of the smog comes from I think its more than that..I wish they would get it together down there and realize that the industry throughout the mideast us and the south and southeast all the smog comes up here, a third of our province if not half! So that means all of us who go to the country for the summer are not able to escape the smog its very very bad, You know the air that is humid in the states well we get that gulf of Mexico air up here but by the time it get here its so laden with pollution its killing us, I so wish you all would get your acts together and that you get some responsible government in your country I would be ashamed to and I know many of you are to have a government who throws out and ignores government protocol's like Kyoto...Its sad because I think most Americans have no Idea that along with killing them selves with pollution they are killing and ruining people and animals and entire ecosystems far from the place they live where the pollution is made...We here in Canada are not 100% perfect but far far out pace the USA in environmental control's....Its sad so sad that not matter what we do here most of the pollution is coming over our border from the good old USA
Ozone and smog, which pose high health risks to the young and the elderly, are not "local" problems. Some of the major North American ozone transportation corridors include the East Coast from nacec.Washington, DC, to Maine and the southern Canadian maritime provinces; the mid-continent from the industrial areas of the US Midwest, through the Great Lakes basin and up the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City; and interbasin transport in southern and central California.
..(a link to important info like the last link very hard reading but worth it a glimpse into what some people know and a lot of others should know about take the time to read it and other studies you will be surprised how the more
you read this kind of stuff it will start to make sense, the last link in this post I read it was a long read some it is what I like to do sociology in the environment aspect of the science totally what I'm into I could spend days reading about what we us are doing and what people study and come up with to explain how thing are! This one is a bit of a read to...The Canadian National Report on Systematic Observations for Climate
...In defense of many of my readers who are from the USA I realize that you most of you know this and probably are the kind to be in the know of issues like this I urge you all to go out and vote this year and tell your friends about this and to support environmental change recycle so all the plants and factories that pollute are lovely country and yours are not so busy spewing toxin into the air...Send letters to your elected officials to support pollution reform...The Kyoto protocol that you are ignoring is so shameful, you are leading the way its a shame that others are following the example...To make my point finally please lets do some thing the smog here is killing us and its getting worse every year and its mostly from the USA!....?Why I wish I could answer why we are letting each other kill are fellow man like this slowly its insidious really it is!

Ok I could go on and on the info is endless out there do a google and you will find 6,560 hits on Ontario USA cross border pollution alone and I'm sure many many more....

My point being I can't stand the smog and I know in many other cities we are to blame for it including my country after reading the previous links in brief I find still that my American brothers need to do more...C'mon when I see the cars that you have on your morning news shows it just is mind blowing, we are close be hind our selves...Take the bus walk run...Take the subway..I've never owned a car and would never want one I get so bothered every day by the heat smog ect they push into my air not to mention having to always spend my day when out in the city stopping at lights to accommodate one person in a car when there are 20 of us walking to work...I think they should close of down town cores and make every one walk to work or take the subway if you are disables fine but no exceptions except trasport ext.. The obvious vehicles will need to be in the city but no more one car to work people I say...We have shut down our Village here in Toronto its freaking great every Sunday from 10am to 10pm no cars of any sort its heaven absolutely divine to be able to go out for lunch ect and have some peace and quiet in the street its modern and controversial so very Canadian I love it..I think you all should where ever you are bring this up and try it where you live its amazing I hope to have it happen every day or soon the weekends....

Ok I'm done the smog is this post and its a world problem some more than others please learn educate your self that is the first step to change...Knowledge is power....SCIENTIA EST POTENTIA(Latin) my hi school moto! Yah it is so true you know it!


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