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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Rain keeps falling on my head oh the rain keeps A fallin on my

Hmmmm This weather is great I love it Being from the West Coast of Canada, Vancouver I love it I moved to Vancouver when I was 23, I also lived in Victoria on Vancouver Island when I was a kid...I loved the weather! But here In Toronto I'm not loving it..When your job is out side its not good...I was rained on off
and on most of yesterday!.....

Was told of by some guy on Mutual street east of Church....He didn't seem to like me putting posters up in front of his building...Oh well, I wonder what he does for his community...I find those who do nothing are most often the ones to complain about anything...The kind that ruin a good party because of the
noise....C'mon most of the time the posters I put up are for one fund raiser or a Charity....Besides print media, Posters have been around for years in the old days I'm talking hundreds of years ago they had a guy at the Corner ringing a bell and yelling info out...Would you prefer we revive a Town crier(spell
that word) I can see it now Gay boys at every corner with those big awful looking mega phones yelling out with there Fab gay voices about all the things we need to know! Lol!

Serious though I understand that a mess can be made, there are city cleaners out there tearing down my work every day trust me I know, And very often I clean up a pole when I'm putting a poster on it....When I was in Queen West(a super street here in TO) I was cleaning countless layers of posters before I put one up!

I'm outz...
Anyone got a mega phone email me for a job here in Toronto!


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