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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


If you find your self in the same situation time after time, with similar surroundings and conditions! Each time things just don't work! Each time its been with different people, lets say 10....Do you think each time that the reason the relationship broke down is there fault? Keep in mind there are 10 very unique individuals involved....The relation ship faltered each time for the same reason! I'm thinking that if the same thing keeps happening with all 10 people that you are very bad at meeting people or that something you are doing is not working!

So is it fair to blame the 10 for your problems, No I think not! You know the immature mentality! Its never me It always them...This is what I'm dealing with...I admit when I'm wrong! I keep trying and very rarely give up! I'm the kind a guy that you can count on to be a Friend for life, No matter what I have a forgiving kind nature and would give my last dollar to some one! I'm not materialistic and money crazy! If I have a place to live I am happy there that's all I need! If there is some thing not working I try to fix it! I don't just crawl in to my bed and shut out the world and my problems! Some times I am completely baffled at the thought process of some people! You know the one who was greedy and never shared there toys or candy when you where a kid! The complete opposite of me! I don't understand greedy power hungry people! Don't get me wrong there are exceptions, Like myself I like to be dominant in a relationship! I think this is just part of me I was born with the dominant gene mentality call it what you may! But and this is a big But I know when I'm wrong and know how to see a pattern in my behavior be it good or bad...Productive or non-productive...For real I've been fighting all my life to gain controls of my life....

Point being is that I'm tired of room mates whom think they know everything and are for some reason superior to me! Give me a break!

you know I'm 30 going on 31 I really hope to find a place that I can call home with guys who are CLEAN! I'm so tired of messy dirty people who spend there lives at work and then in Bed! What kind of life is that, and then to judge me Hmmmph I think not....
moving on Yes happy about it not completely!
Think its a good move Yes!
Did I try to make things work! Sure I was the live in maid till I got busy and what happened the place is a disaster!
Ok OK OK Calm your self down....Done
I really did see this coming, when your busy and want to do something with your life its hard to live with some one who really seems to not care about there life, especially when you are trying so hard to make something of your life!


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