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Friday, July 23, 2004

Ok My phone saga if over Its in My hand and its going to be not ever left to be bye it self to find its way home again seen as they tend to get lost on the way to often! Yahh Thank you so so so much Your a sweet heart..It turns out the Guy who found it is a Bartender at Woody's here in Toronto, He was dancing at Fly that night with the Colt model boys who where in town for Folsom Fair North...Speaking of Colt my kinda men eh ummm!

So I have also added a whole lota linky love to my site! Many are blogs I've looked at here and there over the last year! Take a look many are very much not alike A good blend of gay boys and girls?
+ I can clean out my favorites its crazy I must have 1000 links in there I need some link cleaning service I tell ya its messy when you pull down ouch!
Any hooo I'm of to bed that was a long night ok link loving its tiring!

Night Night!


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