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Thursday, July 22, 2004

My faith in my fellow man al be it high to begin with is restored in some what fullness! Yahh Hooo I'm on a cloud nine tonight! I'm going through my cell phone messages..The one that has gone missing! There is a message from this guy, He says something like in a very think I'm thinking French accent...Hi I'm calling 416-@#@-@### I have this phone you can call me at .... Well I'm so freaking happy that my phone has been found I can't believe it...A part of me was hold out for such a call! Some guy had found my phone and would figure out how to get it to me, That would not be easy seen as the battery was dead seen as I'm on it all night doing my business, a promoter is calling and a chattin al the time! A job that is hard to do with out a phone!........Oh a big sigh of relief I am now not going to have to suffer to replace the Dam thing haliuiah....
Ok it time to go a shave this skruffy face, I haven't shaved in a week or so I thought I would look extra butch for the men at FFN2, seen as I'm almost 31, Sept 18..In case you all wanted to know! Hint!....So it worked and its time to get rid of it.....I need my young cute boy look, Its funny no one and I mean mean no one ever gets my age mid 20s or sooner I love it, and I sware that it is because I had a cap on every day out in the sun the last 15 years! Plus for sure some good genetics helps as well! Yahhhhhhh me phone is back well comeing hone....I know I know its just a phone but the times are that it would be a big big cost again to replace....And the work I did throuout pride was not a waste of time money wise...Outz

Have a good night everyone!


I'm soo so so so Happy me phone is coming home

Thanks to a honest good man...Good job...Now should I take him out for drinks or out for a fab meal...What do you all think...Some cash may-bee?


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