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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The lull after the storm! FFN2....What a fun weekend it came and gone so fast though! I'm not sure about the guys who put it on as I don't think they slept at all the entire weekend with! Good job guys! I mean really good job...I'm glad I could have helped in my way!

As for me I'm in cell phone lost misery land! But life goes on! I'm still pissed of and I mean big time! I've worked in bars and I know who finds the things lost the busboys most often...I hope who ever has my phone enjoys it or heck gets some good money for it....Because as far as I know pay&talk phones are only good for the guy who owns the phone! I don't know how it works but the phones I think have some kind of tracking codes or numbers that identify the phone and link it back to the owner!....
Any way after spending the last two days in bed to recover from the weekend and the loss of my phone its back to work I'm working on a few new things and I'm currently on board with a Girl Party that is lots of fun, I'm putting up the posters and organizing the flyer campain! ITs been great getting to know all kinds of girls....ITs going good and the girl night is going well every week they are getting more girls in the the club...Yahhh!

I'm outz I've been in bed two days and smell very bad I' havn't shaved in a week or so and the beard is going to go, I had it to look more butch for the leather fetish crowds from FFN2 now its coming of! Oh boy the men from the fair I tell you! I could have been busy but I was good I have to remember I'm not 100% healthy and still have to control my self....Its hard but can be done! On Saturday night last weekend I was out at the opening FFN2 party and well lets say not well I got very sick, upset stomach puked my brains out and I mean brains...There was lots of blood coming out I'm not to happy about that its scary when you get sick and there is blood filling the toilet!....I think its the meds they don't mix well with beer I'm thinking...IT was a great time I got to meet a few great guys I got lots done...I lost my phone, I'm going to go with out one for a while...Its been since 2000 that I've done that I'm sure it will be hard to have to go to a pay phone but I will do it! Yuk...Or have to carry bits of paper around with numbers how awful is that Oh well its all my fault for letting myself get sloppy and getting my phone lost/stolen or what ever happen to it!


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