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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Look at this hot art the one with the guy on the bike with his but is Hot Click on the galleries link then erotic!

Art by Axel This is some hot hot stuff....As I'm posting this I smell of cum and sweet man sex.....With the pleasant and new for me scent of rubber....Oh yes I was out and about our fine gaybourhood and was asked by this man where to buy cigs, he was here for Folsom Fair North I was sure he was in a fab outfit, it was fine! Hard to describe he had on some  major big knee pads on that went all the way to his feet some...Well to be honest I was into him so much I forget the rest lets just say I was going to the Black Eagle and he was going to be there a big + I could tell he was into me, some how I can sense this, not as often as I would like, I can't tell you how many times I get told that a guy was giving me a look up and down! Cruising me something fierce and I'm like what oh and its to late...Not this time ouch.... I'll keep all the personal info to myself....So I'm done the Folsom Fair posters for the Night...Off the the Eagle and home at 7am....Wow what a cool guy he was so into making me comfortable that he was asking me are you ok..I'm like I'm great, taking it one step at a time, Some times I forget the power I have with guys to make them totally unaware how I'm feeling..I put the guy at ease, let him know I was very into being there, in fact he asked me several times to go play, I had my mind made up before he had  asked, Grin...Hmmm So this guy is into what you might call kink or some serious fetish....Ok he wants to put me in rubber from head to toe, sorta a form a breath control I think!Masks that cover your head...Oh my god I though before that those rubber or leather masks scared me or gave me the creeps not now  not now ...He put one on and I was like oh hard and lets say very open to what was going on...I was in a rubber cat suit...Its the first time I've had to lube up my body to get some thing on...It felt good....And the look of well me with the guys face you know where, on his knees with the mask on looked freaking hot, I was with a guy I've seen the look many times but never was approached or had the nerve to talk to! I feeling very good at this point I almost flaked out and said no I'm going home, I'm glad I kept my nerve and was brave enough to do what I wanted, It felt good to be wanted, ouch and by a hot guy who is not from the cookie cutter mold, you know the kind this was not him I was sure of that and excited to get to know him..Oh did I say that already!
....So its 6am I've had one of the all time best nights of hot man sex I've had in Years......I'm really excited about this weekend...I need to get some sleep, Oh yes and one thing I'm very happy to say is that its all working , the new energy the old school stuff is on the back burner now, don't get me wrong I'm not an expert on the scene but I can tell you I've been meeting guys that are into things I've been wanting to explore the last few months and never though I would be able to....It seems that the boys club is relaxing so to speak a more accepting open attitude, I like it and I know for sure many other guys who are new and wanting to put there
foot in the door are stepping up to find there way into the leather fetish scene...You know I think part of it  has to do with just letting down your inhibitions and its made so much easier when you know guys like Dean and John from Folsom Fair North who are all about welcoming everyone and opening up those doors that where really hard to get through....I love it and very excited about things to come...
I'm outz to la la bed land for a few hours....Oh I was going to stay at this hot guys hotel And I wanted to! I'll see him tonight I'm sure, but for some reason I have a very hard time sleeping with some one I just met, I think it has some thing to do with a trust thing, You are after all at your most vulnerable when your sleeping, I know that the guy I was with was totally some one I could trust its just that way with me, When I was a kid I would go home form sleep overs after every one fell asleep because I couldn't sleep strange I'm not sure..Na just me I'm thinking!
Ok slap I'm of to bed....


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