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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith, the longtime "Frugal Gourmet" on PBS, has died at the age of 65. Smith - at one time one of America's most popular TV chefs

I loved his show it was sad what happen to his show and him, He was still a great cook and I loved the fact he was from Seattle such a great place I love it there Its so like Vancouver in mind and body it scary!

How sad, Did I ever say I'm a food tv aholic even if I'm starving lying in be hungry as hell and far to content to get out of bed to eat I will put the network on and Cook away in my mind I love cooking, In fact I was at one time in a cooking school in BC

This is the University I took both the Chef training and started my BA in psychology and sociology

Professional Cook Training Certificate
You know I really want to continue in cooking classes but I think in a more casual way like at a community centre that has special classes that are not geared towards a profession but more as a hobby that sorta thing!

I loved it but not as a life time job, it was to hot and the days are way to long, but I love to cook, I was in the course for 8 months 4 shy of getting my chef papers or what ever it was called so long ago now I still think its funny the look of me in the Big white hat...Oh there goes the fag in the vegetable cooler, lets just say Kamloops is a city full of all the small towns surrounding its mentality when it comes to closeted small town boys who had nothing to offer and no skills what so ever it was cooking join the army or cut down trees for a living among the more interesting choices a young man has in the Interior of British Columbia if you are not the smartest one from the litter!

Any way I went on the a degree in the Arts more on that later, Lets just say I intend to finish it I have come to the point now after 8 years that I feel I'm done finding my self as a gay man and can now put my energy back into my education and also the realization that HIV is not a death sentence that I will not die any time soon I hope so I can get on with my life and hell I'm doing that...Things are good just one thing on my nerves I found a place to move into! Thing is I need to come up with a deposit of 200$ by the middle of next week And the work has been slow as of late! Hmmm what to do....I have already postponed the big operation on the pancreas till sept some time because of the move! I wish I could just stay where I am but no that would be to dam easy wouldn't it! As they say its time to move on and I know it oh I know IT!

Well I'm outz to start my day late because thanks to the Fab City of Toronto my water was of when I got up at noon(my usual time) So What do I do but have to sit around and Blog till its on and now it is I phoned the city in my morning grumpy state of mind, Oh ya I have the worst moods in the morning or when I wake watch out stay away from me! Some boy friends I've had thought it was funny and cute how mad I seemed to be and just out write grumpy! I don't know why but when I'm coming to if you ask me any kida question I'll bite your head of, SO I call the city they tell me its and water main emergency! Ya so it has nothing to do with the building being built across the street! Hmmm in fact the building that is going to be low income housing(great for that) but it has been under construction for over a year! Just down the street not one but two hi towers have been built in the same time...I'm thinking the builder is milking the city for everything he can get..I wonder if I should call some one...Waist is not good I know that one....


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