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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Instigator Magazine

Ok I'm in a posting kind of mood tonight! I'm not sure what it is that you guys and gals all come back for it must be me (grin)..Any way I am on my way to figuring out that I'm into this kinda stuff!

Take a look at the magazine...In fact Its been on my mind for the last few days...The ones on here who can put two and two together may figure out that this may be a hint to the past few days at FFN2

An other thing I'm very happy to get into here is my promotions of a Fab and I mean Fab Lesbian night at a local club here in Toronto, Put on by two of the most together doing it girls in the Lesbian scene here in Toronto, The girls are a couple first then they own several businesses including one of them being A DJ here in Toronto who DJ's at several clubs, a restaurant, at Spa XS the list go on and on...So cool a girl DJ at a bath and she is fab I could listen to her talk for hours you know that kind of voice that is comforting and sincere that's her, And her girl she is great the two of them are an example to us all of a Queer couple that has it going on, I mean it!Oh ya and she is one fierce DJ to!
I'm happy that I'm helping to promote there Party Girl5 at 5ive night club here in Toronto...You go Girls you rock my world! < I know they read this so ITs all good...I'm happy to have them mentioned here and it all cool..Yah you are the best!



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