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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Informed people can make a difference!

Freaking sick to my stomach, I am watching Oprah and am just outraged at what I'm seeing....In Africa men are raping and brutalizing babies in the hopes to cure HIV/Aids how sick is that! How stupid can these beasts be, How could you look into the eyes of an 18 month old and do that, I was watching about a little girl who was gang raped, her iner organs where torn to pieces...She survived thank goodness...I was shocked and disgusted the here this...I'm going to look into this more and try and do something to help the victims of this absurd disgusting tragic myth...It seems that most of the men who do this, in places like South Africa get away with raping babies....We need to do something and help them...TO think a poor poverty stricken child who is lucky to be born without HIV/Aids could be raped when she is only two years old and be left with HIV/Aids....Its a tragedy that has to be stopped.....Look for more info when I have time to look into this more....

I'm outz to try and clear my mind after that hour of hell,Thank You Oprah for bringing such important issues to light.....



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