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Monday, July 19, 2004

I'm so super stressed! Why? Well Guess what..I'm like I was at Pride trying to enjoy myself after a event I helped promote! Remember how my phone was stolen during pride I'm not sure if I mentioned how well it was that time ripped of my side! The phone had a belt clip..Any way I was over that but tonight at Fly I was on my way home I put my things down for a sec to get changed back into my jeans...I was distracted for a sec said Hi was the like I always am social butterfly's? I had my things in a neat pile I finished getting dressed and realized that some one has took my phone again....Its freaking harsh how fast you can turn around and some one can move in when your trusting and swoop in and pounce on your belongings..So needles to say I'm with out a cell phone again! That's three stolen from me this year, you may be thinking he is just sloppy with his phones or just leaves them around not so I had my first phone for two years I'm not sure what is going on I seem to be a victem or have target on my back saying take my phone!

I don't know I'm very fustrated you might say?


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