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Saturday, July 31, 2004

I have a boy friend I think!

Hmmm WE spent the last two days together! He called me his boy friend to his friend when we where at Woody's for a drink! I just though Hmmm! He is cute my height a bit shorter I'm 5'6, A top so he thinks the last one I had who said that ended up a big old bottom soon enough! What can I say when you've got it it ends up being used..To put it mildly I'm not lacing in that department! So I let him be the top I didn't want him to get discouraged I didn't mind it was not so bad! He was gentle and not to big that I was in pain!.....Ok he is not the kind a guy I would think I would be with! Shorter than me a top and well big and muscular! Hmmmm very cute to look at, works lots has it together! I like it, I think this is a good thing! He was married he told me to a women! That felt strange to here I never have been there before!
I have that feeling you know the one when you can't stop thinking about someone! That sort of obsession, Its been along time since I felt someone draw them to me and myself feel the need for that someone when there not there! My its a strong powerful and very distracting set of emotions, I hope I'm ready to deal with this!
More later

I got get together and out the door



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