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Friday, July 02, 2004

I found this post on this Blog and though it was worth passing on! I talked to a few older gay men when Reagan died they for the most part said good bye no loss thank god he is dead who cares that kind of thing! I remember him not much but I do, I remember when bush was elected and how strange it was , to me at that age Reagan was the USA, I don't know Lots of people say he did nothing for HIV/AIDS , I'm not sure I tend to want to believe them seen as they where around then and stood bye and had to see thousands upon thousands of there friends and lovers Die! I guess some thing more at the time should have been done, It was a different time back then! I think it would be not the same if such a thing happen today!

Speaking of HIV/AIDS I'm very impressed with the AIDS Committee of Torontos HIV/Aids educational adds
This is a must see and all so very true......Take a min and look at this it deserves to be seen!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Sullivan
"KOOP ON REAGAN: Fascinating new details from C. Everett Koop on the Reagan administration and AIDS. He believes Reagan's heart was in the right place - but his advisers were the guilty ones. Money quote:
"Conservatives around him didn't want him to get involved because of the people who had [AIDS]," Koop remembered. "They said, 'Homosexuals, intravenous drug abusers, heterosexuals who are sexually promiscuous, prostitutes -- don't they deserve what they got?' I've always resented that. I think I could have saved a lot more people."
He continues:
As one example, Koop cited his failed attempt to add an AIDS awareness spin to First Lady Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No to Drugs" campaign. Koop saw the First Lady's campaign as a perfect opportunity for President Reagan to address the AIDS crisis. "I contacted him [Reagan] through personal friends and suggested he could accomplish more if he appeared with her and for him to say something like, 'That includes IV drugs like heroin. You're not just saying no to drugs, you're saying no to AIDS,'" Koop said.
After asking Koop several well-informed questions regarding AIDS, Reagan took the idea to his domestic policy council the next morning.
"It caused an uproar," Koop said. "They said, 'That's lose-lose, you want win-win.' He listened to those who he thought were acting on his best behalf."
Reagan is responsible for not over-ruling these advisors. But whoever those people were in his domestic policy council, I hope they are proud of themselves."

Hmm not sure what brought this post on I think sometimes I feel like its to much self indulgence always talking about me me me! I need to focus more on HIV/AIDS Its on the rise big time, In fact 90% of the boys I know are HIV+

I'm betting that more are and don't know it! I can't tell you how many boys are in the bed with me and there is no mention of a condom or a single hesitation about it! It seems bare back is all the rage, I do admit to the lure of it and I'm not immune to the fact! I most often if condoms are not used am with another HIV+ guy, this I know is not the best thing and believe me I learned my lesson! I had a trip to the Doc a month or so ago and ended up having to get a hand full a pills to get rid of that burning feeling if you know what I mean! Ouch enough said! Lesson learned, I told the room-mate of the guy who I think may have passed on the fire to me and well I hope that was ok he needs to know and get treated!

I'm off to start my day way to late!


One more thing! What do you think of this Blog I don't understand it. It's Strange but good, take a look its wonderfully distracting


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