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Monday, July 05, 2004

The Fetish party was Fab, I'm speechless about some of the outfits other than to say there was some hot hot boys and girls there! One guy was dressed in some kind of full body harness with a horse bit in his mouth and a tail hanging from his bum! At first I was like wow what the and then when I took the time to look I was like that is really cool I wanted to say Hi to the guy but didn't know what to say! Ouch there was some hot sexy leather men there! the guy who was runner up at the Big leather contest in Chicago Remi, I see why ouch one sexy man!....
By the end of the night the sound of whips and paddles hitting skin in all sorts of places was louder than the music from where I was at the door handing out Flyers for Folsom fair....

I was wearing a police style leather vest that looks like a bullet proof vest...Very hot a gift from One of the guys at Folsom Fair North...So what to do with the bottoms I was offered some shorts from them but there was no time to alter them(thanks Guys) So I called up a dear friend of mine whom I love to death! A true friend who has been there from the start...One who knows how to forgive and move on and accept you for who you are(wait that's an other story sorry My thoughts are all over the place!Opps back to the outfit! I asked him if he had something I could borrow! With out a second thought he said sure and offered up a leather jock strap! Peeerfect that's what the Folsom guys thought I should wear, and it being leather was hot! I tel ya all when I put the leather jock on I almost cum in it I was turned on by it being on me the feeling,the idea,look smell everything! I could have swore I wouldn't have had to touch my dick if I didn't try and get my mind some where else I would have cum...Not some thing I would want to do in My friends leather jock strap....Hmmmm is this some kind of sign I wonder! Does it start this way, that was a strong feeling to have over a piece of clothing! I have always been into leather but never had a feeling like that....There is lots to learn before I could call my self a leather man! I'm sure willing to get there though that's certain!

When I got to the party I was so nervous I tell you all I was like I'm not getting out a my jeans! But that insecurity was out the door after I walked around and saw all the bare flesh and amazing outfits, I really had to get out of the jeans so I took my bud into the washroom the one who gave me the Jock to ware...After a few your but looks goods I was fine! Walked around looked watched talked I felt more comfortable there than I have ever on any other night I've been to the bar like twink night on Wednesdays! An other good thing, I met some great people and was introduced to some great guys and gals...Some of them recognized me from the leather make over contest! I was flattered! I'm really starting to get my self a reputation in this community and its not for bad reasons and this feels freaking good!

I'll be there next time and the next, I was told it was a small crowd! Hmm it looked busy to me I can't wait to see what it looks like packed....I ran into some guys I know from the community, that was fab to have guys I know who share a common interest, It made my nerves settle, not that they where that rattled! Really I was having a good time! Made some connections, I could have a big big job to do in the Fall...Very very cool!

SO on another note I find my self having to move at the end of August! Its no surprise! I don't talk on here about my roommate life often because I know he/they read it! And that's not good! I don't care if they read it If I did I wouldn't have kept it up! Its just out of respect! Not to air my dirty laundry in there face....Enough enough I'm so done its over my rant its not going any further I could go on and on and on and on! And I mean on....
I'm in need of new digs, I'm sure I will find some thing its just the process that I'm dreading to no end! Wish me luck! I'm not nervous yet but will be soon! Its up there with the worst things in life moving I tell ya I'm sure we all know what I'm talking about! The major issue is I will be in Hospital and then haveing to recover in August! I don't know what to do here! Should I postpone the operation! I have allready put it off for a few months! I don't know I'm tired of the pain put what to do! I told my Friend he calls him self/room-mate/land lord as he likes to think he is, he has known for months, but seems not to care its never him its always everyone else who is at fault for sure!

I just deleted three paragraphs of ranting about roommates, I will spare you all the bad vibes as I have been doing for months and not sharing that aspect of my life!

Instead I will end this post with the thoughts of a gorgeous peach plump and all juicy, I love peaches, I'm about to have my second one of the year! Mmmm...I love the fuzzy skin to the tart taste under the fuzz is special...I have always loved peaches! If its been a long time since you have had one! Go to your local market and find the most perfect one and treat your self to an old memory and a familiar pleasant taste!

Wow have I been on a roll tonight I have to get my ass in bed Busy day ahead of me!

I say for sure alot don't I? An american fellow said to me you
Canadians say for sure lots Hmm I do! I guess for sure I do Lol

Night Night


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