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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Before you read this post take a deep breath you may be surprised to see an other side of me not seen very often on here! A good happy silly side!

What Not to Wear on TLC Now I just love this show...If its on I will watch it no kidding I like it so there! Its just so funny! Some thing about the brash tell it like it is appeals to me...And the hosts are perfect...I'm jealous! I could never afford to buy what they buy on the show! In fact I'm very bad at what I wear...I would be a perfect specimen for the show...I saw some pics of me this last summer when I was in NYC and was horrified! I told my friends if I ever look like that again tell me please....

Oh my lord and when I have time to see this show I love and can't stand at the same time what do I see but some crazy bitch from Toronto named Diana Please...The nerve of her, I can see what she was al about her typical arrogant Canadian attitude was very easy to spot, I've not finished watching but I'm sure In fact She ends up looking rather stupid when I'm sure she thought she was being smart...Some people should stay in there crazy little world and let the rest of us move on in the world...Its called A world because we all live on the same planet...Earth Now get to the point your thinking...I don't no any more what my point was!..

Ok rewind! Oh my freaking god.....She pulled that dam little dawg out a her ass and finally realized that she is hideous and needs the help of Stacy and Clinton! Ya but as I was saying her attitude was so very boring in only a Canadian can have way!...I don't know what it is I think well its the little guy on the block mentality when you go to the big boys place you can't help but push your stature around some no mater how it may look..Its kind of like the real silly gay boys who act so very much like they are all that But have no real idea that you can only pull an attitude that is without any substance if you really have the looks to back it up! I'm sorry if your going to walk the walk like you have something to show off then be sure that you really have it or you just end up looking like the fool you where trying to impress...

Well I was in a part of town today that really brought the bitch out in me there is something about spending the day in the gritty part of town that brings out the true brute in me I say I say again.....Hey any one want to send a letter in to What Not to Wear to nominate me! I'll go to NYC and show them how a real sexy Canadian Boy has the perfect attitude to match there's with pizzazz! Ya baby I'm telling you Alll

Oh my am I in a silly strange state of mind!
Oh Oh oooooh a Oh hangin tough! Remember that song ruff ruff Hangin tough....

But for real she is so Canadian and I love it I take it back she is for real a perfect example of the Dry Humor factor that so many Canadians tend to have you know that kind a funny that comes of as being rude or non cooperative the Kind I have..Now I know why I got so crazy cool! This show always does this to me it just grabs me and takes me on a journey I need that some times an escape from my reality..Not that my reality is that disturbing that I need a mingle in fantasy land to prove other wise its just that I don't have many of them escapes that are non chemical...You no the kind that helped bring this Blog to me ....The escape that costs nothing and has a good side effect a natural high I love it...No I need to remember how to get here more often and practice this more and more..I am getting there A simple reminder that it's ok to be at home! Shut Uppp I love the pink shoes Hehehe Hmmm lol... Ah this show is to much Its all over soon I can't wait I really want to get my ass in that show I tell you! I'm thinking I bet that some of the fashion victims on the show set them selves up to get on it some how C'mon I've seen to many so called draws at bars that are so fixed its not funny...Oh hey I didn't say that no one would ever fix a draw would they! There is no gain with out pain..You go girl Diana Ok now its my turn..I wish Hey I could go for a visa with 5000 and forgo the show hint! Or some gift certificates to Holt! Oh the drama could you all imagine I can! But back to reality I go!

Oh OH TV of I can't stand trading my places or what ever its called one sec mute ahhh Ok

Now a rare glimpse on my Blog has been had by you all into my humorous side please don't let it get to your heads and think I am changing my bitter complaining ways its my nature I have to go with it But serious I know I know how many times can I post the same dam words Well watch me....

Ok If outz..
I think I may have had the perfect amount of Sun Food Life everything today...No Drama was good for me..Its a change in me I welcome!

Oh I'm going to have a meeting to help produce a promotional launch marketing strategy for a famous American(USA) artist here in Toronto..You are saying Wow me to I'm getting calls from friends of friends wanting me to promote sell them there business ect...Now I need to look like I got it together more than ever, well I do have it together I mean keep it together...

Ohhhh the life I lead is scrumptious and poisonous if used the wrong way...I will do it!


and NIght Night....

PS Doc trip in the afternoon next blood test, expecting to get a undetectable HIV count in three weeks when I get the results..I'm feeling freaking good I have not felt this good since I was a teen e bopper..Go figure it was the HIV that zapped me so bad...Well I'm thinking it was, or I know it was a combination of HIV and party party party life of no go any where! So If I could turn back time..No I wouldn't but why think such things that are not attainable any way, Serious I'm asking you all? Do you ever think about what ifs? Heck here goes my boring drama self again!

NO delete today! I had way to much fun with this post....You are getting it in raw form tonight!

Cheers from Canada!


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