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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Well I can now say I've been on stage at Woodys in a show and not a Drag show at that, not that I don't mind Drag but its not for me, I was in the Leather make over contest it was to fun! I didn't win, ah I was only a bit biter I might ad that the winner was a big girl, I'm not sure what it is but every contest I've seen where the token girl is in it in a gay bar they always win! I looked good
here are the links to what I was in

first of was a
Laced Vest
By Priape Cuir/Leather
Black soft leather. Laced on both sides

under the vest I had on a simple roots white T shirt I would have not had it on but because of the testosterone injections I look like I've just started puberty, with a few rather large pimples on me chest that would have looked not good in the bright lights!
I'm sure it would have not been that bad but I'm very particular about my appearance to much some times!
Second I had on a pair of rather tight
Low Rise Laced Pants
By Priape Cuir/Leather

third I had on this very cute hat that looks sorta like a cowboy hat
Leather Hat
By Priape Cuir/Leather

opps I forgot I also had on a simple
3 Snaps Cock-Ring
By Priape Cuir/Leather
Black soft leather, adjustable

the one I have is a five snap though I prefer them because it has more adjustment ability for the tighter feel you some times need on a busy night a-em!

I also had on a pair of my own black boot that I should say had to be repaired with new heals ect done, I looked hot, I' would say I got at least the third loudest amount of applause the guy that came in second was super sexy and in a pair of chaps with a bubble but to die for, in fact it was one of the hottest buts I've seen! If the big girl was not in it I would have been runner up, I'm a bit upset with the gay guys for always voting for the girl, Ok call me bitter but at least I'm admitting to it! I didn't enter for what I could get out of it, I was very happy to support the guys from Folsom Fair North

They are two real cool guys! I like them lots and with out hesitation will say I'm very proud to be involved with them!

the night turned out to be very successful like all other pre events so far this year! No crazy SARS bull shit this year! We are back on top and going strong again and I'm happy to say it!

Me need to get my sleep I tell ya all when its hot out the energy just gets zapped out a me when I'm out there doing my thing in the Sun! I've got a Tan and it looks good! First time I can remember having a tan in 10+ years, I forgot how sexy I look with some colour!

Of to bed I can't seem to sleep more than 4 hour at a time and I'm up for a bit and sleep some more, I'm going to have to talk to the Doc! I need my sleep....

Over all things are going freaking great, busy and happy, thankful for my health and proud to be who I am!

Night Night all!

ps why is it that when a real girl enters a contest in a gay bar she almost always will win regardles of what she looks like or does? is this the norm every where! I'm curious why the boys will always vote for the girl and not the boys! After all this particular bar is 99% men at any given time...I'm very curious about this seen it happen many many times?


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