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Thursday, June 24, 2004

So The moment you have all been waiting for My unvailing! A scrumptious pic of myself for you all to lust over!

I was and still am very unsure about posting pics! I'm going to see how it goes! Seen as the pic I am posting first is so dam cute I had to share!

Its from the Red Party, remember the party I was working on, the Fund raiser for CANFAR, well the pic is of Jai Rodriguez and me, You know the guy from Queer Eye!

More to come I can't believe I will be 31 this September!

I know everyone has been biting there nails in anticipation to see the face behind the words, so if I get a good reaction more will follow!

Update on the health front! Blah is the word on that I'm infected with some dam cold or flu and it sucks...I hope its gone by the weekend I'm just far to busy and can't afford to lose the time and money not to mention the impact screwing up on my commitments could have if I'm all snotty nosed and stuffed up! I've already got a few suspicious looks from guys, I know what there thinking yah sure you have a cold its just coke nose why bull shit me, well yea um I have a cold boys, I'm the first one to say if I've been partying it up, I have no time for distractions the connections are being made and I'm busy securing my take over of the party scene! Ha Ha look out boys! Here I come...

Other than the cold thing, I'm feeling great! You can tell I'm fulfilled, it shows and I know it!

Cheers I'm outs to mega dose on some vitamins and rest up for the long long next few days!

Happy Pride to all! Is it just me or does saying happy pride not roll of the tongue in a good way! Sounds funny I think, So I'm going to say, Play safe, have Pride in your self! You deserve it, Pride is loving your self enough to play safe, party safe and know that there is no shame in knowing when to draw the line when it comes to partying and sex! You will come out of Pride knowing that your secure that you have Pride in your self by respecting your limits! Yah yah I know! But its the truth...Let loose have fun but please listen to that little voice that tells you its time to call it a night!

Night night all!

PS the above took me years to learn! Love thy self!


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