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Monday, June 28, 2004

So I'm out this Sunday Night trying to enjoy pride!

I'm still sick from this dam cold!

I'm at one of the beer gardens! Not really wanting to be there and feeling like crap!

What happens, all the hard work I've been doing the last month is gone just like that in one sec, Some mother Fucking ass stole my new cell phone of my belt clip! Shit this is the second time this has happened to me the first time it was stolen at a local bar by some guy I thought I could trust when I was in the washroom he took of with it!....

I was so upset I just said screw it and went home, Like I should have been to begin with resting! I felt bad though my friend was with out any one to go out with so I did!

I know its not prides fault or mine but I'm very upset, I am struggling al the time to get ahead and when I finally do this happens, I'm very pissed at the world now, I was really hoping to use some of the cash I made this last few weeks to buy some much need clothes and a printer for my computer now I'm back where I started! I had starved my self to begin with last month to buy the phone! You know I seem to always be struggling and never getting ahead with everything I have faced in my life I thought I was for once in my life getting ahead of the game in control! I don't know....I feel like just saying screw every thing and just staying in my room and avoiding the world!
A big big sigh!!!!!!
I'll get over it but for christ sake what did I do to deserve so much shit in my life, my health ect ect ect...One thing after an other My room mate or as he likes to call him self land lord...Informed me he is giving notice and I will need to find a new home in two month...Fuck I wish I could give up every time things get hard....I should have known not to move in with him after seeing this happen with several other places he has lived, set up and made money of the other roommates by charging extra rent sorta like a rooming house!
I was thinking about putting up a link on here to paypal donate to help with the new phone cost or the like but I don't have a credit card so that wont work...I don't know I've seen several links on other sites wish list ect...I don't think I feel that is for me...

I here pride was a big super success I know the Aqua party was! The Gay Blue Jays was 100% successful....It was great I worked hard and had a bit of fun in the mean time.....

I'm already starting on the next few big events Folsom Fair North and Return to Eden July 9th.....

I'm outz to try and find my dam phone what a dream that is I can only try! The thing is its no good to anyone and all my #s are gone again I should have put them to paper! I've learned my lesson every night I'm putting down any #s I get to paper in my day planner
IF there is any one who reads my blog and would like to help out with replacing my phone I would be very grateful...I feel funny asking but I know there are good people out there, That is how I got my computer when I was really sick a few years back the Guys behind Boys Condo a porn site based here in Toronto donated it to me so I could keep busy while I was trying to get healthy...
email me and I will send the info needed

Thanks I'm out a here to try and pull my life together after a crazy busy month....
I think I will go out and vote today is our national election here in Canada Hmmmm I don't know who though!

A big thank you to all the Volunteers this year at Pride Toronto I was not one this year but have been the last 5 years so I know how hard they work! Cheers to a super Pride once again!


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