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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Oh boy girls and boys can you say burn out!

Last night by 12pm I was tired exhausted I had to call it a night!
9am to 12pm to long to be out in the heat it can really zap your energy seen as I have not spent any amount of time in the sun for the last 12 years or more You see a party boy never would be out of bed before 6pm and if I was up that would have been only because the party was still going on from the night before! Tragic yes but you have to learn your lesson some how, So after not being out in the day for years I've forgot about how much I like the sun and a sun tan I look freaking good with some colour and my skin hasn't looked as good in years! I'm having to put on hardly any cover up I'm thinking I could go with out some for the first time in years! I know the HIV meds have a lot to do with it to being strong in the immune department helps to clear up the acne! Yah My self image is high and getting stronger...I've always been a people person and when you feel good about your self its so much easier I tell ya trust me!
Ok I'm going on I got get me but in the shower!

I felt really bad I let two guys down but I have to take care of myself If I go to hard! I wont be any good to anyone!

It is busy here in Toronto The city is a buzz it feel great!

More to come, did any one here in Toronto see the big blue balloons on the street poles up and down church? Don't they look cute! I helped put them up, what fun that is going up and down the street with gigantic big blue balls! Haha Every one was looking at me! Not that they don't usually but C'mon when you r going down the street climbing up ladders with 3 foot wide balloons who could not look! I hope I didn't look to hot and wet! I tell you when summer hit Toronto its hot hot hot!

I'm outz busy day of trying to sell one party or an other to the boyz and girlz!

G' Day all


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