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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I'm in tears now from a show named Prom Queen! I'm watching on a local Canadian station CTV, A few years back here in Ontario a young man took his Catholic School to court for the right to go to His Prom with his Boyfriend, Its so a Canadian movie the ones who have seen a Canadian film will know what I mean, But its so dam good!
My heart is just spinning and my emotions are going through the roof! I'm crying like a big baby! The young mans name is Marc Hall and he did win and went to the Prom with his date! Its another reason why I'm so very proud to be Canadian!

An other thing I keep seeing beautiful American couples here in Canada to get married in fact so many are leaving the USA and becoming Canadian citizens! I can understand how heart broken they must be that there government does not support them! So I urge the people there to go out and vote! I'm worried that here in Canada we are about to bring in A Conservative government! I shudder at what that could mean! Get your buts here and get married! Its great so many of my friends have done it!

Who know if the time comes and some super hot sexy stud wants to marry me I could say yes! Funny this is the first time in my life I've actually considered that, I feels f##king great to be able to say that Wow I could get married one day Who knows!

Only a few weeks till Pride wow is this year flying by! I'm glad its been a good year so far and I've made it, 31 soon I can't be that old I sure don't feel 31!
Any one who is planning a trip here and want to meet for a drink let me know! I would be happy to play hostess!

I outz

Night Night!


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