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Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'm going to a new high and its feeling good, I've been missing out on Life for to long! I'm out of my mind with good feeling all due to being busy with every thing! It feels good to be in demand!

I'm pushing for time and I love it! I am looking so forward to this month and working! I'm super in demand people are seeking me out to promote there events! It feels good to have people say your good and we want you! Yep....I'm hoping to here from anyone who reads this little slice of my life to let me know if your on yer way here for Pride!

Let me know K!

I'm of to sleep I'm trying to get up before noon Man is that hard when your used to sleeping al Day!

I'm happy to start promoting for another party the Prism Revival

I'm outz

Night Night


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