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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I have been being a bad boy to much going out and up to no Good I have started to lose track and let my bad habits control me! I'm angry with my self big time...But I know I will move on and continue It really freaking pisses me of I look forward to the day when I beat the party bug out of me....I wasted two days because of going out in bed this week and missed out on a few thing I should have done, I'm not going to get into it but lets just say I worked hard for some thing and didn't go to it! Hey there is next year.....

So Its starting the Gay Blue Jays Day, I'm not sure what its all about yet I'll find out today, It does sound funny the idea gay guys running around Sky Dome...I think it should be fun...
I can just see the crowds it is going to be some thing to see that is for sure!

And there is the Folsom Fair North I'm out today putting up posters along Young street Here in Toronto! It should be fun going into stores shops ect asking to put in posters for a leather fetish fair! I'm looking forward to that!

I added a new link to my blog designer blog
It always makes my day to see when someone has added me to there blog and it in return makes me feel good to add others....I've noticed that there are several blogs I'm usually linked with in different blogs, they are all very good blogs and I'm honored to be in such company!

I'm of to get my smelly self in a shower and get this day started!
I forget I think to mention that the Folsom Fair job in an other volunteer job! I wasn't sure about taking on another volunteer job after Fashion Cares and The Red Party! But I just couldn't resist there is so much to be gained in Volunteering that is worth much more than money and the event proceeds go to AIDS Committee of Toronto! Yes Indeed another fundraiser for them and its all good and as I've said close to my heart and all my friends .....More news about my up and coming career of sorts A Lady came up to me when I was putting up a poster for Folsom Fair North and offered me An other Job posters Flyers that kinda thing for the Bar I was working for before that cancelled there after hours from low turnouts for many reasons that where beyond my control, I always tell the people I work for I can hand out thousands of flyers and put up as many posters but when the people get there its your turn I cant make them stay some where they don't want to! So wee will see how that one works, a turn around me working for a promoter for a night at a Bar I was promoting, funny because I was telling them they need to get promoters in people with experience! I'm getting there but still building my list and my contacts that are not nearly big enough to start my own bar night but with time I will be there and doing it properly!..

Oppps I need to get in the shower and out a here!

Later ladies and Gents!


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